Five Things You Have to See If You’re In London

As a traveler, approaching London can be a daunting prospect. There are so many iconic buildings, landmarks and sights to be seen. The city is constantly changing but is still rich in historic culture. Although you will be spoilt for great things to do in London, here are 5 London attractions that you just should not miss.

5.) The Tube

london attractions tube


The London Underground rail network, better known as “The Tube”, is the best way of getting around to see all of the London attractions. It will likely become an integral part of most people’s stay in London. You’ll get to experience the world’s 11th busiest metro system and see the chaos as Londoners do their daily commute.

However, it isn’t just a form of transportation around London. It’s inspired books and films, such as Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. Its subterranean tunnels provided shelter for Londoners during the Blitz in World War II. When you ride the Tube, you’re experiencing over 100 years of history, so take it all in. Keep your eyes peeled for the numerous ghost stations that are scattered across the tube map.

Make sure you pick an Oyster card to save some money!