Top 5 Apps that Exist on both iOS and Android

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One of the fascinating aspects of the whole mobile revolution is the criterion by which consumers choose their mobile phone. It wasn’t that long ago when the name of the game was “Who can make a thinner phone?” Motorola won that game with the Razr.

Well, now it has become a war of “Which platform will you choose?” and there is much less focus on hardware. When deciding between the various mobile ecosystems, the dominant factor on most people’s minds today, at least those that are somewhat “connected” is, “which has more apps and which has better apps?”

While the gap between iOS and Android in terms of numbers has pretty much disappeared, some may claim that iOS still has the better apps and it always gets them first. That too is becoming less of a reality with many app developers hoping for wider distribution and choosing Android as their primary vehicle.

Then there are the really successful app developers who make the smart decision of releasing their app across various platforms. Here are five of the top apps that exist for both iOS and Android users:

5 CloudMagic

Now, you probably heard of the first four, but here is one you will thank me for later. CloudMagic is a freemium app (free for basic use and no, there are no ads) that exists across all major platforms including iOS, Android and even Windows Phone. What does it do? Something so simple, it is absolutely brilliant. It connects all your services and allows you to search old posts and messages in one place. You are looking for a picture you posted on your Facebook timeline a year ago? Good luck finding it without CloudMagic. Same goes for Outlook mail, Twitter mentions or DMs, Good Drive files, Dropbox (some might say an app that also belongs on this list), Evernote (ditto), and even Google Talk messages. Oh, and the list goes on and on. CloudMagic has you covered. A fantastic app that every smartphone owner should download.

4 Vine

Speaking of bad user experience, there are not many apps out there that I despise more than Vine, when it comes to speed and performance. I already wrote my thoughts on the poor Vine user experience, but the bottom line is, now that it is on Android, and many people seem to be doing pretty awesome things with a six second slot, Vine was worth a spot on this list. At least until next week when Instagram adds video.

3 WhatsApp

Well, this one sort of depends on being on as many platforms as possible. Now, I have to be honest. The first two apps on this list are there because I love the user experience they provide. That is not the case with WhatsApp, an app I actually do not find overly appealing, as far as its experience. Having said that, WhatsApp has become one of the necessary apps on your phone because well, everyone is on it. There is much to be desired in terms of the interface, but the fact that I can easily text any of my friends across all platforms for free is something I have begun to take for granted thanks to WhatsApp.

2 Instagram

I know, I know, this is a no-brainer, but the truth is, Instagram really is a fantastic app. It is fantastic not because it is unique or because it has some fancy transitions or beautiful high-res photos—it does not. I am a huge fan of Instagram and have been even before it was cool to be a fan of Instagram. Why? Because it is well-designed for simplicity, and the result is a seriously engaged user-base that shares pictures of all kinds, but more importantly, interacts with their friends’ photos. There is just so much to learn from Instagram if you are a developing a mobile app of any kind.

1 Flipboard

As I have written before, Flipboard is hands down my all-time favorite mobile app. One of the best parts of Flipboard is the fact that I can sign in and open the app on a different device and even platform, and read my content with no initial setup. I loved Flipboard on the iPad when it came out. Then it hit the iPhone and I fell even more deeply in love. But when I first tried Flipboard on a Nexus 7 and a Galaxy Note 2, that is when my love turned into an obsession. What a fantastic app for iOS and Android users.

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