The Most Essential Smartphone Apps for the Foodie

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Not all of us want to live a life full of fast food and frozen dinners. Some of us want to go out, experience new tastes, and find better versions of our old favorites. We want to be in our kitchens experimenting with ingredients and proudly cooking up delicious meals. The days of relying on one or two restaurant guides are long over. The days of exchanging hand written recipe cards or filtering through huge cookbook tomes have past us. This is the golden age for the food lover and that is why we have assembled our list of Top 5 Apps for the Foodie.

5 Snooth Wine Pro ($4.99)

You can’t always get to your favorite wine shop in time to meet up with that particular sommelier who knows your specific tastes, so when a grocery store or BevMO run is on your list, Snooth Wine PRO can be a savior. By snapping a photo of any wine bottle label with your phone camera, Snooth Wine PRO searches it’s database using … well, I guess you would call it ‘label-recognition’ to find info for that particular wine. Once the information for the wine bottle you’ve ‘scanned’ is retrieved, you will be able to read what other reviewers have said,along with a slew of other details about that particular bottle. A virtual wine cellar lets you store your favorite wines for quick reference too.

4 Epicurious (Free)

Foodies don’t just love to eat out, they love to cook, too. Epicurious is the most valuable recipe app out there. With around 30,000 recipes organized conveniently, along with the ability to create shopping lists, save favorite recipes, see nutritional info, send recipes to friends, Epicurious is an amazing home kitchen app. Each recipe also has step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. The UI is so well designed that Epicurious recipes are easy to navigate even with one hand full of dough and the other covered in flour.

3 Eat St. (Free)

Not all of the best food comes out of brick and mortar kitchens.A lot of the most delicious and entertaining food comes from trucks and street vendors. If you are lucky enough to live in a city with a thriving street food/truck scene, then Eat St. is an essential app. The highlight of this app is that if you’re sitting in bed, dreaming of Korean BBQ at 2am in the morning, you’ll be able to search out if there are any available trucks open to serve your needs. Eat St. relies on the abundance of trucks and vendors available in your city, so Eat St. is always changing and evolving. Still, it’s better and more organized than following 40 different food trucks on twitter, all randomly tweeting where they will be and when they’ll be open.

2 Urbanspoon (Free)

Urbanspoon has had time to mature into one of the best restaurant search engines out there. Using GPS, Urbanspoon will bring up more than just local independent eateries like LocalEats does, yet still give you the same accessibility of yelp without slowing you down with an oversaturation of listings. Think of it like this: while Yelp may help you find a good burger and a car wash, Urbanspoon will forgo the car wash and help find you the BEST burger.

1 LocalEats ($0.99)

For those with a more specific palate, looking for more than big chains or even moderately sized ones, LocalEats will point you to the best local, independently owned restaurants in town – with specific food items in mind. Want the perfect steak? Or the perfect lobster? Throw it into the LocalEats app and you’ll be shown the best nearby places for that particular dish. Once you find a place that piques your interests, you’ll be able to view the menu, directions to the restaurant, and see detailed descriptions of specialties. You can even make reservations. This app is great for those who don’t want to dig through the overwhelming mess of Yelp and find the perfect place for their discerning tastes.

So there you have it foodies, with these 5 apps we think you should be able to further your food adventures even more efficiently. Go forth and indulge yourselves!

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