These Are the Best Apps for Music Fans and Fanatics Alike

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You love music. You eat, drink and sleep your favorite bands. You experiment with not just one genre, but all of them. You listen to music every waking hour, headphones, concerts, streaming, whatever, and well, you probably fall asleep to the stuff too. Trust us – we know what it’s like to be an obsessive music lover, which is why we’re giving you our list for Top 5 Apps for Music Fanatics.

5 Louderlogic ($3.99)

The equalizer to end all equalizers. For those who love to make playlists from a variety of different genres or file compressions, or those looking to just get a better, smoother sounding experience from their music, Louderlogic automatically takes care of all your woes. Once you download it and give it a shot, you won’t be able to listen to your music without this stellar app ever again. Louderlogic will keep you fromhaving to touch your volume dial when you switch from rap to classical, or even variations of the same genre. Best of all, Louderlogic does wonders for under mixed podcasts.

4 Ghostly Discovery (free)

For fans of electronic and techno, the Ghostly International brand has created a nice little music player which is great for those who wish to tune to music based on their mood. With a color circle, you select which color, or ‘mood’, you are feeling, along with adjusting the slide-bars (one ranges from Digital to Organic, and the other from Faster to Slower) and Ghostly Discovery will find and play music fitting to your selection from a huge library of Ghostly International brand artists for you. Though it may seem gimmicky at first, it’s surprising how close the music that gets playing mimics your mood if you’ve manipulated the settings correctly.

3 8tracks (free)

If you love mixes, then 8tracks is the best app to ever grace the world of music streaming apps. 8tracks is generated by user content, with tons of users putting up hundreds of mixes from all different genres. With a great UI, you’ll be able to select music easier and slicker than the Spotify app, and discover new music (for better or for worse) a lot faster than even Pandora. 8tracks is insanely fun, and makes discovering new artists and music quite entertaining. With a radio option and a huge social aspect, 8tracks will remind you of the old school underground days of mix tape sharing (if you are old enough to remember those days, that is).

2 Spotify (free/monthly)

Spotify isn’t free if you want it on your mobile device, and it still seems to have some kinks to work out with its mobile interface, which is feels a little cluttered. That said,Spotify is the perfect provider for finding that one track you are dying to hear. Spotify offers around 15 millions songs you can search and play – however, be warned that due to the complex licensing and legal issues, sometimes you won’t always find what you want, even if it’s something insanely popular. However, the Spotify radio and slew of great independent labels available on the database are a great way to find new music if you’re willing to be adventurous.Spotify does, however, give you the ability to go into offline mode when WiFi is unavailable so you can keep jamming without breaking past your data limitations.

1 Pandora (free/monthly)

Pandora is an obvious choice, but also still one of the best apps out there for music lovers. Why? Because Pandora has been around since the year 2000 and it has been perfecting their Music Genome Project ever since, which you can think of as your own personal automatic D.J. By creating a station using artist, composer, song, or genre, Pandora will hook you up with a streaming playlist of music similar to your interests. Best of all its free (with commercials and limitations) however, even though Pandora functions wonderfully as a free service, it’s worth paying the low price for the full membership if not only just to support the project itself.

So there you have it, music lovers. There’re plenty of options inenhancing your daily music consumption via your mobile device and these five apps are a good step in the right direction.

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