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In this age of ever increasing quality in mobile phone cameras combined with the fact that we always have them on us, the world of photography, or at least snapshots, has hit a new revolution. The world is now being photographed in the most spectacular (and menial) ways. But regardless of whether you use your apple mobile device cameraduring a night out on town or for when you are travelling to exotic locales, our Top 5 Apple Apps for Photography will help you make those photos even better and make organizing them even easier.

5 Hipstamatic ($1.99)

This app is pretty popular, and for the most part it is more fun than useful. Hipstamaticprovides a ton of different post-filters and gives your iPhone camera a hip, plastic, old-school ‘retro’ look. Though it seems more gimmicky than anything, there’s no denying that Hipstamatic has made an impression in both authentic journalism and amateur photo-snap bloggers alike over the years. Hipstamatic is also still one of the leading apps to get those cool retro Polaroid effects on your photos. There is also a flash adjuster which we find quite useful too. While Hipstamatic has lost ground to Instagram over the years, it’s a simpler and less social app.

4 Instagram (Free)

Instagram is pretty much the hottest photo sharing and editing app out there. It provides you with those hip retro looking post-filters on your photos too. Once you sign up for the service you can snap photos, scale, move, add a simple effect, then shoot your image off to Twitter, Facebook, or wherever else you want and even geotag it for your pleasure. Instagram also includes a social aspect, with a feed/blog showingthe most recent pics your friends have taken and where they took them. Instagram has evolved over time into a social networking app of its own, even without the power of the almighty Facebook. There are privacy options too which we recommend you take a look at and learn, considering Instagram could pretty much reveal every detail of your life and your location if you let it.

3 Pro HDR ($1.99)

Pro HDR is a necessity especially for those on the iPhone 4 or earlier models. The HDR app essentially takes multiple photos, layering them to create an even toned, high-def, detailed picture. There are some basic options such as auto save, manual control —letting you choose the exposure for each shot, or just auto exposure (which does a fine job). There is a basic email sharing option included within the app too, and an easy to navigate and learn UI. Pro HDR does what it is supposed to and nothing more. Combined with Camera+ your apple mobile device will turn into a powerful camera ready for more serious mobile photography.

2 Fast Camera ($0.99)

We’ve all been there: something happens and we can’tget our iPhonecamera loaded up fast enough. How the Fast Camera app works is that once it is installed, all you need to do is hit the button for it on your home screen and it immediately begins taking pictures as fast as it can, one right after another. Basically, you’re best friend jumps off the roof into a swimming pool unannounced and all you have to do its pull out yourphone, hit a button and pictures start snappin’. Fast Camera is the pivotal ‘never miss that moment again’ app.

1 Camera+ ($1.99)

There are a ton of apps out there that let you shoot, edit and send photos on their way to your preferred social networking site, but Camera + is quicker at doing this than any of its competitors. Once the app is up and running, you can select grid lines, anti-shake, or use burst shots (taking a seriesof photos in a row) in order to take photos.You can adjustexposure, use a full flashlight for night shots, and utilize a 5x zoom along with tons of filters. The Camera+ app does it all and at the end of the day you can share your photos too. Another neat feature is that you can look over all the photos you took before actually sending them to your iPhone gallery. Camera+ is a must have for anyone who uses their iPhone as their main camera. It is also an important app if you want to take some serious photos with your mobile device.

There are hundreds of camera and phone apps out there, but we know these five will drastically change the way you take photos on your mobile device (for the better!).

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