Audiophiles Take Note: These Are the Best Music and Audio iPhone Apps

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D.J., music lover, audiophile? Whatever you are, there are handfuls of apps out there that cater towards the world of music and sound. Some of us like to lay down and edit tracks, others want to hear the highest quality music streaming from their apple mobile devices, and the rest might just want to know what that song playing at the café is. No matter the case, we got you covered with the Top 5 Apple Apps for Music and Audio.

5 Djay ($19.99)

No matter if you are a professional DJ or just a hobbyist, Djay is a great app for both types. The price may seem a bit high for an app, but it’s worth it. Why? Because Djay gives you an entire mixing system right on your portable apple device, letting you import any music, tracks, or beats you’d like into the app. A turntable interface works fairly well, and the UI is amazingly sleek. With live recording, pre-queuing (using headphones), looping, and on-the-fly-mixing, this app will provide you withalmost anything you will need when it comes to making mixes.Djay is compatible with pretty much any audio type from MP3, to AIFF. Even someone learning and honing their DJ/mixing skills or someone who wants to give all of this ashot will have a lot of fun with Djay. Again, the price may seem a bit high for an app, but it’s well worth it for an entire DJ/mixing system you can put in your pocket/backpack.

4 Shazam (Free)

Shazam is one of the most popular apps out there for song detection. There isn’t much to say about Shazam other than that it is probably the best app in finding out just what that song your hearing is called. Start up the app, let it listen to a few seconds of the music, then Shazam will identify the piece with song artist and song name, and even bring you right to the iTunes store (if you want to purchase said song). Shazam is spot-on with pretty much all radio songs and classic beats, but get to a very random and obscure indie band and Shazam will fail more often times than not. Still, it’s amazing that Shazam works about 60-70 percent of the time.

3 SignalScope ($24.99)

Another high-end app for true audiophiles and sound engineers. The SignalScope turns your apple mobile device into an interactive oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. Whether you want to use the devices internal mic, plug in one of your own, or use the internal accelerometer, the SignalScope will readout and conveniently and cleanly. For those who have need of an oscilloscope in their lives, the SignalScope is just awesome. If you don’t know what an oscilloscope is,then you probably don’t need to drop twenty-five bucks for this app.

2 TuneORama ($2.99)

For musicians, TuneORama is the best tuning app we’ve found. The automatic tuner is spot on and completely precise, while a chromatic tuner is also available. Using a 4-tier system to detect pitch perfection, the TuneoRama tunes instruments within a +/- 5 percent accuracy. There are also modes specifically dedicated guitar and bass.

1 SoundMeter ($19.99)

A lot of us still feel wary dropping more than between two to five bucks for an app, but if you are an audiophile and use your apple mobile device to listen to most your music, then SoundMeter is worth every penny – especially if you use high end headphones. SoundMeter turns your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch into a sound level meter device. It will precisely level out the typical flat sounding auto-levelingof the device into something insanely dynamic. With a bunch of leveling options geared towards audiophiles, such as time-weighted measurement options, we only recommend paying for this app if you have the know-how or are willing to learn it. Even with the price and the learning curve, SoundMeter is it worth it in the end, trust us.

Apple has always kept the artist and musician in mind during while designing its products, so it’s easy to see why there are so many great, high powered audio apps for these devices.

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