Top 5 Annoying Gym Habits

The top 5 annoying common gym habits that many gym goers make.

5 Coming In Late and Noisy

It really bugs me when people come into a class late and on top of that talk LOUD to their friends while class is going on. They also push to the front and distract everyone. If you can’t come in on time like everyone else, walk in quietly and stay in the back.

4 Wearing Makeup

Nothing annoys me more than when women walk into the gym in full on hair and makeup. You came to sweat and workout not to meet your future husband. I seriously think some girls come to the gym just to walk around and meet guys.

3 Talking On the Phone

You came to the gym to workout not to catch on phone calls. If you want to have a conversation, get off your machine and have it elsewhere. I do not need to hear about your weekend or your recent breakup. On top of that, they are shouting into the phone to compensate for the noise and their lack of oxygen.

2 Not Wiping Up Machines

When you are done with a workout machine, just wipe off your sweat. Not hard of a concept. The gym provides you with paper towels and spray and sometimes even cotton towels. They make it so easy. Also, would you want to workout in someone’s sweat? I think not. Gym’s smell bad enough, we do not need the extra smell or the sweat to ruin the machines or my workout.

1 Dropping Weights

It is very annoying when men simply drop heavy weights on the ground. Not only does it make a loud noise and rattle everything around them, but it ruins the weights. I guess the “Do not drop weights” sign is not enough of a notice. Did I mention the loud grunts they make while dropping the weights?

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