Top 5 Animal-Themed YouTube Videos

Animal antics have entertained and inspired humans for thousands of years. While ancient humans painted animal scenes on cave walls, these days people upload countless videos of cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, koalas and every other kind of critter to YouTube for others to share and enjoy. From the humorous to the thrilling, these are the top animal-themed videos that you can watch on YouTube.

5 Battle at Kruger

One of the best animal-themed YouTube videos is not a joke at all, but rare footage captured by a couple of folks on safari in South Africa. The video starts with a pride of lions hanging out next to a lake, waiting for an approaching herd of Cape buffalo. The lions strike and separate a buffalo calf from the herd, but in the process the calf ends up in the lake. While the lions are attempting to drag the calf out of the lake to have their dinner, a crocodile pops up and tries to drag the calf into the water with its teeth. The crocodile and the lions play tug-o-war with the calf and win, finally getting it back on the land. Just when you think it is all over, the herd of buffalo comes along to rescue the calf. One buffalo charges a lion and flings it into the air with its horns. One by one the herd chases off all of the lions, and the calf manages to walk off with the group.

4 Honey Badger

If you are not familiar with the phrase “honey badger don’t care,” you’re missing out on one of the funniest YouTube videos of all time. The video is originally from a National Geographic special about the honey badger, which is a South African mammal with an appetite for bee larvae and the ability to sleep off bites from deadly snakes due to its tough skin. For the YouTube clip the original audio is overdubbed by the a flamboyant animal lover character named Randall. What makes this so funny is Randall frequently pointing that the “honey badger don’t give a sh-t” as it is stung by bees and bitten by a cobra instead of a more astute narrator explaining animal behavior in scientific terms.

3 Death Metal Rooster

This animal video is the result of an unexpected YouTube mashup. It began when user orhanx5577 uploaded a video a rooster crowing impressively for 30 seconds. A year later, user aliquidcow had the genius idea to had a heavy metal backing track he created. The resulting video surpassed 1 million views within two weeks and spawned several more tributes and mashups.

2 Denver Official Guilty Dog Video

Denver is clearly the worst dog criminal of all time. Denver’s owner is also one of the best pet detectives around. The crime in question? One of his dogs ate an entire bag of cat treats. The owner questions the first dog, which doesn’t even flinch and is clearly innocent. Then the owner lays into Denver, whose guilt becomes instantly evidenced by the funniest sad dog face ever. The dog’s grimace is unforgettable, both hysterical and heart-wrenching at the same time. The owner then sends Denver to his crate to serve out his sentence and think about his transgressions.

1 Charlie Schmidt’s Keyboard Cat! – THE ORIGINAL!

Filmed in 1984 and uploaded to YouTube in 2007, the Keyboard Cat is one of the most popular animal-themed videos of all time with more than 30,000,000 views. The video portrays Fatso the cat playing the keyboard dressed in a blue shirt. You can see his owner Charlie holding him offscreen several times throughout the video. Although Fatso died in 1987, the orange tabby will forever be Internet famous. The catchy tune combined with Fatso’s facial expressions through out the clip makes this video one that is hard to watch just once.

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