5 Mind-Blowing Sandcastles

Image Credit: PerseoMedusa / Shutterstock.com
“And so castles made of sand fall in the sea eventually,” as Jimi Hendrix once sang. The sentiment might be an even more gut-wrenching experience, however, once you see these temporary temples. Meticulously crafted out of nothing, these monuments in miniature defy reason while igniting the imagination. If you’ve got a sketch pad, a shore line, a trowel and some toothpicks, you have all the essentials to create your own perishable, pint-sized palace… and perhaps you can make our next list of 5 amazing sand castle sculptures. But in the meantime, just pull-up a folding chair, grab a cold drink and enjoy the view.

5 Sandcastle at Copacabana

4 Dreamy Sandcastle

Image Credit: Mailce.com

3 Atlanis San Diego Sandcastle Winner of a Guinness World Record

Image Credit: Socalsandcastles.com

2 Marvelous Sandcastle at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort in the Fraser Valley of B.C. Canada

Image Credit: Rense.com

1 “Dragon Dwellers” by Walter McDonald and William Lloyd

Image Credit: Malinalife.ru

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