Up Your Style Game! Follow These 15 Instagram Titans of Cool Street Fashion

It seems like cool street fashion is everywhere these days and we've got 15 Instagram accounts to follow to stay well on top of what's hot in streetwear.

Street fashion is defined by its blend of different urban styles, resurrecting decades-old fashion and combining high- and low-end fashion brands. In recent years, cool street fashion has traveled from the streets to the runway, bringing this urban style to the forefront of pop culture and fashion. Street fashion uses elements of fashion subcultures like normcore, sportswear, athleisure and vintage to form a one-of-a-kind look. If you’re obsessed with street fashion like the rest of the world seems to be, check out these 15 popular Instagram accounts that will give you a daily dose of dope streetwear.

15.) Soy_raka

If you’re one of those people who simply can’t get enough of good menswear fashion, following Pepé of @soy_raka is exactly what you need to do. Pepé seamlessly mixes styles that come together into one effortlessly cool look. His style is streetwear influenced by high-fashion European brands, which you can see from his stories at Fashion Week events all over Europe. On Pepé’s account, no two outfits are alike, so expect to be wowed whenever you scroll through his feed.

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14.) Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson wears more than one hat. She’s a singer, an ambassador for the British brand ASOS, and has an incredibly stylish Instagram feed filled with her cool street looks. Hannah’s looks are a colorful blend of androgynous and feminine styles, or as she calls it “frilly tomboy style.”

13.) The Tomboyish

One scroll through Tomboyish’s Instagram and you’ll be running to the nearest shop to find your next outfit. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed tomboy or not, cool street fashion lovers will love thevibes felt on Tomboyish. The account features different stylish Instagrammers’ outfits everyday, so don’t expect any sort of monotony. If you’re looking for an account with a diversity of features and androgynous styles, tomboyish may be exactly what you’re looking for.

12.) Ari Fitz

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Ari Fitz is no stranger to bold looks when it comes to cool street fashion. Her Instagram is filled with photos of her outfits that look like they came off of a Hypebeast runway, and her confidence and fun personality can be felt through her outfits. Fitz does many things: She is a model, helps run the popular street fashion account @the.tomboyish and is also a film producer and popular YouTuber. Fitz will not only give you major tomboy inspiration, but she’ll quickly become of your favorite internet personalities while she’s at it.

11.) Lil Miquela

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Virtual simulation or real person? The general mystery surrounding Lil Miquela is enough to keep you scrolling through her Instagram feed for hours, and is arguably what got Lil Miquela more than 742K followers on Instagram in fewer than two years of activating her account. Aside from the pop cultural phenomenon that is Miquela Sousa, she is also one of the most stylish computer-generated models you’ll find on Instagram. Her style is a mix of normcore and classic sporty street style, and her captions arefun and personable. The only question is, is she a real person?

10.) Mstr_of_Disguise

Ann-Marie Hoang of Mstr_of_Disguise is a Los Angeles-based street style enthusiast and wardrobe stylist whose dynamic feed will make your jaw drop. Ann-Marie doesn’t shy away from bold colors and patterns, and her accessory game is completely unmatched. On top of her individual style, her feed is full of pictures of her cute, equally stylish daughter.

9.) Shamel Kendrick

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British fashion model and influencer Shamel Kendrick is at the height of his fashion career. With recent runway debuts for various brands during London Fashion Week, Shamel is on his way to becoming one of Britain’s biggest men’s fashion influencers. His Instagram feed will give you no-frills, classic streetwear inspiration (think ’90s urban wear vibes). If you’re a follower of the latest sneaker trends, then Shamel Kendrick’s feed is where it’s at.

8.) Frankie Collective

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Frankie Collective is a collection of vintage and reworked clothing all compiled into one large curated feed. The feed is very brand-heavy; models are rocking classic streetwear brands like Supreme, Champion and Hilfiger, with a mix of hyper-feminine crop topsand baggy ’90s-style sports pants.

7.) Hypebae

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Hypebae is the sister brand to the powerhouse in men’s streetwear, Hypebeast; it’s the female editorial branch of that popular streetwear online bible. From the latest $1,000 sneakers to the latest streetwear looks off of the runway. Hypebae is definitely a go-to for streetwear lovers worldwide.

6.) Nicolette Mason

It’s only right that the co-founder of the hip plus-size fashion brand Premme would have a beautiful Instagram curated with bright and bold street style. Nicolette Mason made her way in the fashion industry as an advocate for plus-size women, a demographic that is commonly overlooked in the industry.

5.) Elisa Johnson

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Elisa Johnson oozes Hollywood it-girl, and technically she is. She’s a model, reality TV personality, a fashion icon and one of Magic Johnson’s extremely stylish children. Her Instagram feed is nothing but bold it-girl looks that will give you inspiration for days. Elisa’s chic streetwear style is beloved by fashion fans everywhere.

4.) Minimal Street Style

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Most street style Instagram accounts feature bold and out-there pattens, but the minimalist street look has gained popularity in the fashion world in the past few years. Minimal Street Style switches out the brash, colorful looks for more muted, monotone color schemes. If you gravitate toward the more minimalist, chic side of street fashion, then Minimal Street Style’s lineup of bloggers and influencers will surely put a smile on your face. The outfits on these accounts are relatable and made up of brands that are easily accessible. So if the likes of Hypebeast and Basement Approved are overwhelming, then Minimal Street Style could be your next favorite style Instagram.

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3.) Vintagedollrisa

Clarissa Henry, known as vintagedollrisa on Instagram, posts image after image of her self-proclaimed “sporty ’90s style.” In addition to having a successful style blog, Henry is also the head designer and founder of the women’s sportswear/streetwear club GDSBrand.

2.) Basement Approved

If it’s basement approved, it’s on trend with the latest and greatest in the streetwear fashion world. From the hottest clothing brands to sneakers, to a myriad of influencers, Basement Approved has everything a street fashion aficionado needs to stay in the know. The community is not gender-specific, so you can expect to find a wide variety of people posted as well as styles.

 1.) Coco Pink Princess

Street fashion icons come in all shapes, sizes and ages. If you’ve never thought about getting fashion inspiration from a 7-year-old, now is the time to do it. Get behind this Instagram star’s amazing outfits that are the perfect balance of retro kids’ style and more traditional street fashion. Coco Pink Princess will definitely give you major fashion inspiration with her trendy threads and her hip blunt bob and bangs.

*Featured image is Vintagedollrisa

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