Top 10 Celeb Bikini Bods That We’re In Awe Of This Summer


With summer starting to wind down, if you haven’t achieved that beach bod yet, it might be time to say “F*** the diet”, and eat that donut you’ve been drooling over for months. But hey, if you’re still determined to stick to your diet and exercise regimen, look no further for the ultimate motivation photos. Here are the Top 10 Celeb Bikini Bods Of 2017.


#10 Britney Spears


Mother of 2, Brittney Spears shows off her abs as she plays in the water while vacationing in Hawaii. This woman can do no wrong as a performer, and it seems she is just as good on the beach. One would assume that Spears would not be able to rock a body like this at this point in her life. However, she is breaking norms and has proven that anything is possible if you work for it. I mean seriously, did you see those abs?


[Image by Popsugar]

#9 Heidi Klum


Supermodel and mother of 4, Heidi Klum flaunts her body while vacationing in Turks and Caicos. Klum is a host and a judge in her spare time. Apparently, Supermodels have brains as well. This mom has proven that not only is age just a number, but simple science isn’t either. She once walked a runway about a month after having a child. She looked great, and made us all realize that she may not be human.  She is German, so maybe that’s the secret.

[Image by HawtCelebs]

#8 Kate Upton


Known for her famous curves, Kate Upton shows off her killer bod on the cover of yet another Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Kate is simply stunning, and a favorite among SI. Her celeb bikini bod is one of the top you’ll find. She is favored by many because of her normalcy. Most assume that you cannot have major breasts or curves to make it as a model, and Kate shatters that. Looking at her on this cover, and any other time she is out and about…you can see why people are smitten.


[Image by Celebzz]

 #7 Khloe Kardashian


Khloe Kardashian has a celeb bikini bod that would shatter all expectations. First coming to light on the television show, Keeping up with The Kardashians, she was not someone that you would assume had a hot bod. Always overshadowed by her sisters, Khloe would often times be forgotten. No longer is that the case. Known now for her intense workouts and hard core dieting, it seems to have have paid off as she rocks her yellow bikini in a photo-shoot.


[Image by GotCeleb]

#6 Jenna Dewan Tatum


As if being married to Channing Tatum wasn’t enough reason to make everyone jealous of her, Jenna shows off her smokin’ hot celeb bikini bod. Jealousy of her not withstanding, we are not shocked to know what Channing sees in her. Known for her amazing dance abilities, she’s remained in shape for quite some time. I think it might be time to finally take that dance class your friends are pestering you about. I mean, look what happened to all the celebs on Dancing with the Stars, right?


[Image by CelebMafia]

#5 Kylie Jenner


Youngest member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie poses for GQ in a sexy bikini that shows off just enough under-boob to keep it sexy yet not trashy. Kylie is not completely known for this type of style. Her celeb bikini bod in this case might fit the tame mode, but she can go a bit far. No straight guy is telling her to slow down, so we cannot tell her to either.


GQ @gqmexico @gq_germany @mrmikerosenthal

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#4 Hailey Baldwin


At only 20 years old, Hailey Baldwin is one of the hottest properties in music. Her roles in movies have also been notable, making her a sought after talent universally. We’re enthralled with her, which may be a bit creepy. With that said, here is Hailey showing off her amazing celeb bikini bod as she adjusts her sexy white bikini while enjoying a nice dip in the warm Miami water.


[Image by HawtCeleb]

#3 Bella Hadid


Talk about Miami Heat…Bella Hadid rocks her white bikini while vacationing in Miami this summer. Most men are probably mesmerized by this image of Bella showing off her great celeb bikini bod while showering. We’re not saying that you should follow Bella around for real. That would be weird. However, her Instagram is well worth your follow. Thank us later.


Paradise Happy BB🌺🕊

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#2 Alessandra Ambrosio


Ah, Alessandra Ambrosio. Possibly one of the most perfect looking women in the world today. This Victoria’s Secret Angel is deadly gorgeous. She could literally make any man follow her into battle. This woman is the type men start wars over. You can see why as she shows off her bikini bod while on a vacay in Ibiza.


Sun-kissed ☀️💋☀️ #islandlife #Ibiza

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#1 Emily Ratajkowski


Known to some as the “Queen of Bikini Photos”, Emily Ratajkowski takes the lead on best celeb bikini bods for us. She had, literally, a massive amount of pictures to choose from. Trying to narrow them down was impossible. We managed, I know, it’s a rough job but we made it through. Emily may not stand out on your radar yet, and if that is the case…fix your radar and make her a priority to keep an eye on. This celeb bikini bod is one you cannot avoid.


[Image by CelebMafia]

If you didn’t get your bikini bod this summer, don’t fret! There’s always next year. Now go out, live your life, and show off your bikini bod (even if it’s not the bikini bod you anticipated)!

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