Top 10 Camping Gear to Bring on your Camping Trip.

The top 10 camping gear to bring on your next camping trip is here. The weather is perfect and you want to enjoy your time away outdoors.

The top 10 camping gear to bring on your next camping trip is here. The weather is perfect and you want to enjoy your time away outdoors at the beach or in the mountains. To have the perfect camping experience there are some camping gear that you need to pack for the trip. Having the top camping items can make the difference between a restful vacation or a very horrible one. Don’t leave home without the items below that we have listed as the top 10 things to bring with you on your camping trip.

1. Tent

A tent seems to be a no brainer when it comes to camping gear. You need some type of shelter from moisture or harsh weather. Wether it’s water, snow, sun or even wind, a tent can protect you from all types of weather. There are many different tents that you can choose from. If you choose a two person tent or a larger size tent for your whole family, don’t forget a tarp to lay under it.


Inside the tent, you will need something to sleep in and keep you warm, a sleeping bag. Most places that you will be camping at the night time temperature will drop significantly. The mountains can even get below freezing! Sleeping without a sleeping bag can lead to a horrible’s night sleep. Remember, if you go camping with kids, remember to get them a kid’s sleeping bag.


It is always important to have camping supplies that can keep you hydrated. Water is essential to bring with you camping. The last thing any camper wants is to be stuck in the outdoors without any fresh water. You can bring gallons of water and refill your Camelbak or Hydroflask. Also, a filter or water purification system with you that you can use if you need a refill from a local stream or other water source.


The best part of camping is sitting by a warm, crackling fire at night. To get that fire going easily, you will need some fire camping supplies. You can start a fire with flint and steel, matches, lighter or magnesium fire starter. If you do bring matches, make sure that they are waterproof. A good suggestion is to always pack two different sources to start a fire in case one doesn’t work. Take along a little kindling as well, like dry bark or strips of newspaper or even lint from your dryer, in a waterproof container.



Always be prepared with a first aid kit in your camping supplies! You never know what will happen when out camping. After hiking, you may get blisters or scratches and scrapes. You want to treat them so that they won’t get infected. Some antiseptic and bandages are a good idea. Your first aid kit should include other necessities as well:scissors, adhesive, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth barrier and an emergency whistle. Be sure to add some sunscreen, bug repellent and some Benadryl just in case.


A pocket knife is an essential tool for your outdoor, camping gear. You can cut a fishing line, or trim some rope. You can use a knife to help with your preparation of food, cut some branches in the way or even use to clean your fish catch. Without a knife, these things will be impossible to get done.


If you are planning on hiking during your camping trip, you don’t want to get stuck somewhere lost without a map, compass or GPS. The sun is constantly changing and if you go into an area with large trees or brush, you may become disoriented. It has been known that some campers have gotten lost in the woods for days before being rescued or finding their camp without having the proper camping supplies.


Camping at night is very dark, even with a camp fire. If you need to walk to a bathroom or find an item in your tent during the night, you will need some type of light in your camping gear. A portable, battery-powered light is a necessity. There are many options and I recommend more than one. A flash light, lantern or headlamps are most efficient.


While camping, it will most likely get cold when the sun goes down. It is a good idea to have a waterproof jacket.  You never know if it may rain or moisture will roll in at night or in the morning. If you got wet and your clothes stayed damp, it would be miserable. Wet, gear or clothes is heavy and uncomfortable. If it won’t cover your backpack as well, consider picking up an additional rain bag to protect your gear.


Obviously, this is very important. Some hardcore campers may go without it, but some find it to be a necessity. Leaves and sticks are horrible ideas to me to use. Some campgrounds do have restrooms, but always seem to run out of toilet paper. If you are backpacking and going deep into the woods, you will need biodegradable toilet paper or else you will have to bring some type of bag to keep the used paper in until you can dispose of it. Go ahead and add that biodegradable TP into your camping gear.

Obviously, these are the main necessities. There are many other items that you should bring while camping.

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