Resolution for Permanent Change! Tools for Weight Loss in the New Year

The New Year is a time to restart your diet and execrise routine. Learn the best tools for weight loss, and get healthy and fit this year.

The New Year is always a time that people find refreshing. It is a new start, a way to wipe clean the slate of last year and lay down a healthy, well-made foundation for the coming months. One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions (which will come as no surprise to most of you) is to lose weight. If you plan for this to be your resolution this year, take advantage of a few tools for weight loss that will help you drop the pounds with as little anxiety and guilt as possible.

Here Are the Best Tools for Weight Loss to Use This New Year:

5.) Meal Planning

meal prepping tools for weight loss

Meal planning is an excellent way to feel safe and secure in your healthy eating. When we’re in a hurry and have no plan, we tend to either not eat enough or overeat out of anxiety or panic in case we can’t get more food within the next few hours. Instead of running into this issue, plan your meals. You can also make them ahead of time if you need to.

Easy things to make into meals are sliced or diced raw stir-fried and steamed vegetables of all sorts. Baked starchy vegetables, prepared beans, cooked and refrigerated brown rice and quinoa, nuts, seeds, organic raw energy bars and cooked fish and meats are great to have on hand. Keep an eye on when you prepare which foods, so things that expire quickly like meat and fruits won’t go bad. Also keep clean condiments like organic dressing, lemons, tamari, balsamic vinegar, olive and coconut oils, mustard and organic ketchup.

When you are meal planning, mix it up each day. Find a diet that works best for you. Having the same meal time after time will likely make you irritated and bored. You are more likely to go off of your diet than stick to it when you feel like this! Be mindful, and only eat food you enjoy. If you don’t want to cook, look into meal delivery services. They have healthy and efficient options.

If you are too lazy to measure the portions each day, look no further than portion-controlled containers. These little guys will measure out the portions for you, and they will make losing weight easier and more fun! The containers will tell you how much veggies, protein, carbs, and fats you can have in each meal. We picked out our favorite meal prep containers, so you can get started with this excellent option.

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4.) Daily Motivation

daily motivation tools for weight loss

Find books, CD’s, mp3’s, blogs, podcasts and social media personalities for daily motivation to help you to stay positive and on track, helping you to love what you eat and how you feel. When you are feeling pessimistic, you will reach for reaction foods like sweet, salty, gooey or crispy foods. Ironically, these foods will only make you feel worse. Call friends and family who are healthy and positive if you need to, and listen to happy, uplifting music.

If you are pinning or posting pictures of super thin models, you may want to stop. According to a new study, it will likely hurt your progress rather than help you. The researchers found that the images of thin models discouraged women by creating an unrealistic standard. Find real and relatable people who have lost weight in a normal way on social media. You can see their progress and focus on the positive.

Motivation is key when it comes to losing weight, so don’t deprive yourself of it! A positive attitude and helpful resources shouldn’t be discounted as helpful tools for weight loss.

Start A Daily Motivation Journal

3.) Support Groups

people supporting each other

Support groups are one of the best ways to help you keep on your weight loss journey, as you can always turn to them when you’re feeling blue, unmotivated or pulled by intense cravings. A support group is also great for getting tips, recipes, motivation and other tools for weight loss. You may find forums, specific people that you may want to partner up with or even just a few close family members who promise to hold you accountable and not let you slide.

Because social media is expanding, you will be able to find a support group for weight loss on the internet if you prefer. Other people around you in that group will be able on the same journey you are. Your gym may have a facebook group, you can create your own facebook group or you can join a facebook group that you feel comfortable in.

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2.) Before and After Photos

having a scale for weight loss

Pictures can be one of the most surprising, but helpful, tools for weight loss. Taking a before shot and looking at it as you go through your health journey will help to jumpstart your motivation. As you begin to see changes, your motivation will become stronger. Take shots of yourself every two weeks or so to let you know if you are being effective or if you need to make a few more changes. Never criticize yourself when you look at yourself in these photos! Remember that this is just where you are right now. Every day, you have the choice to create a future you.

The point of power is always in the present moment, as Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life stresses. You have control at each point in time over your choices. Make better choices now, and you are laying the foundation for a healthy body in the future.

Lastly, create an Instagram account for a tool for your weight loss journey. If you post a picture to Instagram at least once a day with your progress, you will likely be more motivated to continue your workouts. You can post daily photos like posing right after a workout or eating during a healthy meal. If you document your changes in your body with these pictures, you will start to notice more of a difference when you are looking back over a few months.

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1.) Food Journal

food journal tools for weight loss

A food journal is a great tool for weight loss. It is a wonderful way to see what you are actually eating and to help you become aware of eating patterns. You might notice that you eating healthily until 3 o’clock rolls around, or maybe after dinner is when all the guilty foods come in. By writing down your food choices as well as a few notes on your own observations, you can begin the process of making changes. At this point it’s not about tracking specific calories, just noticing your behavior. Take notice of where you can add in more greens, or plan a workout when you regularly head to a drive-thru.

Keeping a food journal can cut down on mindless snacking. When you have a food journal, it can help you see what areas you need to make changes in. Sometimes people do not realize how many calories they are eating at a meal or are drinking in a beverage.

Is your food journaling still not working? Read about how you can cook at home fast! We provide you with healthy tips that will make your life easier.

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The New Year can symbolize hope and new beginnings. If you want to connect your smartwatch to a scale, check out our reviews of the best smart scales. They will hold you accountable and keep you on track to lose weight this year. Keep this energy far into the year, so you can feel constantly renewed and motivated for a constantly flourishing you. Follow these simple tools for weight loss to get started on your path to success.