Hair Coloring Like a Pro: Top 5 Tips to Dye Your Hair at Home with Stunning Results

Maximize your home hair coloring experience with these expert tips. Learn how to rectify color errors, prolong color lifespan, set up an at-home salon, choose the right dye, and prepare your hair. Get salon-quality results without leaving your house.

Revamp your home hair dye routine without breaking a sweat or your bank. From correcting mistakes to maximizing color longevity, these easy steps will give you salon-quality results at home.

5. Rectify Color Errors

If your color goes wrong, don’t panic! For overly dark shades or if you’ve left dye on for too long, use dish soap like shampoo 2-3 times to lighten the color. For orange roots, after waiting a day for the color to oxidize, use a shade darker than originally used. If you stain your skin, use clarifying shampoo such as Klorane Clarifying Shampoo on a damp towel to remove the color.

4. Extend Your Color’s Lifespan

Ensure your color lasts by rinsing with cool water post-dyeing. Apply a conditioner designed for color-treated hair or use a leave-in conditioner. Protect your hair in sunlight with a cute hat or hair sunscreen, and minimize styling with heat tools. Alternate shampooing days with dry shampoo usage. Apply a deep conditioner once a week, as home hair dyes can be drying. Check out this video for more tips on preserving hair color.

3. Establish an At-home Salon

Prep your space to avoid dye stains. Use a drop cloth or old towel on the floor and newspaper on the countertop. Don a throwaway T-shirt or smock, and have a specific hair dyeing towel handy. Protect your hairline with petroleum jelly or moisturizer to prevent dye spread. To remove any dye stains on sinks or baths, try nail polish remover with acetone, rubbing alcohol, or diluted bleach.

2. Select the Ideal Dye

Choose a dye color within two shades of your natural hair color to get a realistic result. Opt for softer colors rather than vibrant ones to prevent brassiness. Consider a foam dye like John Frieda’s Precision Foam Color for sensitive skin. Those with thick or curly hair may find gel or liquid formulas, like L’Oreal Excellence Creme, provide better coverage.


1. Condition Beforehand

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Start with a deep conditioning treatment two weeks prior to coloring your hair. This helps improve color retention. Also, consider a protein treatment or a hydrating mask one day before dyeing to maintain healthy strands. Don’t worry about washing your hair right before; natural oils help dye penetration.

Follow these strategies and you’re bound to fool friends into thinking you paid for professional services. With consistent care and appropriate products, your salon-style color will shine bright and last long. And if things go south, there’s always the salon for a quick fix.

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