Top 5 Tinder Date Fails That’ll Make You Happy You Swiped Left

For those of us who are brave enough to venture into the world of online dating, there is always the risk of a date going terribly wrong. Dating is already hard on its own, and online dating doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. The integration of technology and dating has added in a new murky territory of unspoken rules and norms and has opened a new window of opportunity for them to go wrong.

That being said, the cool thing about online dating apps like Tinder and Bumble is that they provide a no-pressure first layer before meeting the person. Still, for those brave souls who make it past the small-talk direct messages and actually meet up with the person, sometimes you just wished you swiped left and didn’t bother at all. We scoured the internet and asked some of you what your worst Tinder date fails were and compiled them in a list here! Be prepared to either laugh or cringe!


5.) The Dine-And-Dash Gone Wrong

If you’ve ever been asked out to dinner, how do you know what the limit is of too much food? Well apparently, this Tinder date intended on crossing every line possible when she went out to dinner with Imgur user minilogo37.

Minilogo37 had just joined Tinder to check it out and had been “Super Liked” by a nice girl whom he eventually invited to dinner. What happened next in his Tinder date fail was shocking, to say the least.

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Photo by Imgur user Minilogo37

Do you think this guy will ever go on another Tinder date again? I highly doubt it.