Time to Upgrade to The Earth’s Comfiest Comforter

Snooze, snuggle-up, and get comfy in your new bedding with the Buffy Breeze comforter - it's so fluffy!

Buffy is on a mission to help you live comfortably and does so without making our planet uncomfortable. They’ve created earth’s most comfortable comforter and the internet is raving about it. The breeze was rated fluffier than a marshmallow! It is made of 100% eucalyptus and is designed for a lifetime of chill thanks to its temp-regulating technology.

The Breeze starts at $179, and includes a “try before you buy” period of 7 nights. Shipping and returns are free. If you aren’t totally satisfied with this 100% eucalyptus temperature-regulating comforter, they will happily refund you within 30 days of purchase. In other words: zero risk here!

The 4.7-star rated is according to BuzzFeed “A godsend to anyone who tends to overheat while sleeping.” and the reviewers love it.

“Good for warm sleepers. I was deciding between the cloud and the breeze, and am glad I went with the breeze as my partner tends to sleep hot. Right now, in winter, the breeze is just the right balance of breathability with warmth and works really well in a duvet cover”

Everyone seems to agree that this is the best comforter.

“Best comforter yet. So comfy and soft, it’s the best comforter yet. No more turning and tossing in the middle of a night. Would highly recommend it!”

“Best Comforter Ever. This is honestly the most comfortable comforter I have ever had. Really amazing.”

Finally, it is recognized by companies like Business Insider for its responsible materials and responsible business practices.

“Sustainability has clearly taken a forefront in all that Buffy does.”

This responsible brand uses earth-friendly fabrics and manufacturing methods to create more sustainable products. In they own words, they don’t just help you feel good today.

They contribute real good for tomorrow.

The Buffy Breeze - A Review 🛒 Try Buffy Breeze | From $179