Tiger Woods Finally Breaks Silence On Tragic Loss


The Top Of His Game

There was a time when Tiger Woods was best known for his amazing skill on the golf course. He was at the very top of the golfing world. However, Tiger Woods also became known for his escapades off the golf course.

After his infamous scandal rocked the world everyone wanted to know more about who he may have been involved with. The internet became flooded with details of the various women he was seeing.

Loredana Jolie Then


There have been many beautiful women who were involved with Tiger Woods over the years. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful women was Loredana Jolie. This Sicilian model’s involvement with Tiger first became public when Michelle Braun broke her silence.

Michelle Braun was one of the many women who dated Tiger Woods, and she revealed that Jolie was one of the women Tiger Woods saw most often.

Loredana Jolie Now


Jolie is best known for her work with Playboy Magazine though she has been a part of many modeling campaigns. She is also an author, most notably an autobiography detailing the events of her life that made her who she is today.

One of the events she refers to in her book is her relationship with Tiger Woods. She states that they had a special relationship and that when it comes to their relationship, there are no regrets about it.

Devon James Then


Another adult-film star who was involved with Woods is Devon James. Clearly Tiger Woods has a type when it comes to women but the less said about that the better.

However, Devon James was involved with Tiger while he was still married. Over the course of two and a half years, the pair secretly saw each other on and off. She admitted that she was not happy being a mistress and was horrified and disgusted when she discovered that his wife was pregnant.

Devon James Now


It was far from an amicable split, however. Once she discovered that he was dating someone else, Lindsey Vonn the alpine skier.

She aimed several insults at Vonn, even claiming that she was more muscular than Woods and that she was surprised that Woods hadn’t chosen someone more “petite”.

Kalika Moqui Then


Kalika Moqui was not merely one of Tiger’s “side-chicks”. She also happened to have been his marketing manager which makes this an even more interesting relationship. Apparently the romance began during a trip to Las Vegas.

The old ‘rule’ of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” didn’t apply in this case apparently and Moqui admitted that Woods claimed that he would “leave his wife in a flash” for her.

Kalika Moqui Now


Moqui started her career as the promoter for a nightclub and quickly worked her way up to the top of the nightclub and party world.

She started her own company, Blackout Artists, which manages Dj’s. She has managed to make quite a name for herself through her thriving business.

Jamie Jungers Then


Another woman that Woods was involved with while he was married is Jamie Jungers. This was a relationship that certainly did not end well.

It might not be a surprise that the relationship didn’t work out, according to Jungers, her heart was badly broken.

Jamie Jungers Now


After the relationship ended, Jungers stated that she received nothing “but a broken heart,” from her relationship with Woods.

Sadly, Jungers spiraled out of control and soon struggled with substance abuse. Fortunately, she managed to get herself out of that situation and is now clean and sober.

Jaimee Grubbs Then


Grubs, a cocktail waitress from Los Angeles, met Woods in a nightclub when she was only 21 years old. Apparently the affair between these two lasted almost three years, 31 months to be exact.

Once the scandal broke, Grubs had no qualms with sharing the photos, emails, and text messages that were shared by the two of them.

Jaimee Grubbs Now


Similar to Moqui, Grubs believed that their relationship was more than just a physical relationship. She also shared a voicemail that Woods had sent her, asking that she remove her name from the message in case his wife called.

Despite the heartache that Grubs suffered, she has not only managed to move on and put it behind her but she has also become engaged since.

Mindy Lawton Then


Mindy Lawton worked as a waitress at a diner near the Woods home. During an interview, she even mentioned that she served both Woods and his wife breakfast at the diner on more than one occasion.

Their affair apparently started after Woods called her and invited her to join him at a nightclub. The tryst lasted almost a year and apparently included meetings at not only Wood’s home but also a church parking lot.

Mindy Lawton Now


Mindy was devastated when she discovered that she was just one of a number of other mistresses that the golf star had.

Mindy Lawton all but disappeared from the media after she was paid to keep quiet about the entire affair.

Kristin Smith Then


Kristin Smith’s relationship with Tiger is one of the more recent ones.

Smith is reportedly the last person Tiger dated before he went public with Erica Herman, which went on for a very long time.

Kristin Smith Now


Smith is a personal stylist and dated woods from the year 2015 to 2017.

She left him after she caught Erica and Tiger in the act. Kristin moved on with her life and currently owns a styling company called The Clad Life.

Brook Langton Then


While a majority of Tiger Woods relationships involved mistresses, not all of his romantic flings were acts of cheating. Tiger dated Brook Langton a few years before he met Elin Nordgren.

Brook is a famous actress that you might recognize from the 1996 TV show, Melrose Place.

Brook Langton Now


She was also in the comedy sports drama, The Replacements. Brook ditched her acting career and decided to settle down with her husband and focus on her kids.

Wood helped her realize that she deserves better in life so she was quick to move on. She’s almost 50 years old and is totally stunning.

Lindsey Vonn Then


No matter where people go, they can’t avoid another outbreak story of one of Tiger Woods’s romantic flings. Lindsey Vonn is a professional alpine skier.

Her athletic career took off way before she met Tiger Woods. So when they started getting spotted by paparazzi, it made headlines!

Lindsey Vonn Now


Their relationship started not long after the world found out about Tiger Woods relationships that took place while he was married. She was pretty brave to try and tie down a guy like Woods.

Their breakup was one of the more peaceful ones. They ended things due to their tight schedules and not because of any cheating drama. Vonn also made a statement saying that she still cares for Tiger and his family.

Emma Rotherham Then


Close friends say that Tiger Woods was really into Emma’s British accent. He told her it was “classy,” but there was a lot more about her that Woods was into. He has a thing for blond hair so that, mixed with an accent made her a perfect ten.

These two met in Orlando. At the time, they were both in a very serious relationship, but that didn’t stop their weekly meetings in Tiger Woods office.

Emma Rotherham Now


Emma’s boyfriend found out about the mess and demanded she stops seeing Tiger. Emma still met up with Tiger once a week, that is until she found out that she was not the only mistress.

Emma made half a million dollars in blackmail. She threatened to release racy texts to the media if she didn’t get her payday.

Raychel Coudriet Then


This story is actually one of the strangest of all. Raychel was only 14-years-old when Tiger Woods moved in the house next door to hers. They were never involved until Raychel turned 21 years old.

She and Tiger started getting romantic Over time, Raychel told reporters that he made her feel used and unimportant to him in any way.

Raychel Coudriet Now


She was even more upset when she discovered that she was not his only mistress.

Raychel also said that when she confronted Woods about how he made her feel, he wrote back “sorry about that.”

Tyra Banks Then


Out of all the women Tiger had an affair with, Tyra Banks is one of the most famous. Tyra’s relationship with Tiger was by no means better than the other ones the Athlete had.

Their relationship was rumored to begin only in the early 2000s. This was a time when she and Tiger were two of the most famous people in the media.

Tyra Banks Now


The paparazzi were going crazy to get a picture of these two out in public. Like most of Tiger’s relationships, this one ended soon after it started. Tyra was deeply hurt by Woods.

She takes pride in having a lot of self-respect and urges other women to do the same. So when she found out that Woods played her, she broke down.

Cori Rist Then


This was one of the weirder relationships that Tiger Woods had. Cori Rist was one girl he did not have any regrets about.

He probably would have wanted her to keep things on the down-low. Cori said Tiger made her sleep on the opposite end of his hotel sweet. But that’s not the only weird thing he did.

Cori Rist Now


She also revealed that Tiger Woods made a habit of watching cartoons and eating fruit loops after getting intimate. Cori rose to fame as a lingerie model.

When Tiger was arrested for a DUI she defended him saying she felt sad for him and would pray for him as well.

Joslyn James Then


Joslyn James is yet another ex-fling of Woods who works in the adult film industry. She had a very rough relationship with the professional golf player. Apparently, she got pregnant while being with him twice.

The first time she, unfortunately, had a miscarriage. The second time around she decided to get an abortion. People say that their relationship was rocky but, at the same time, passionate.

Joslyn James Now


Ever since Joslyn dated Tiger Woods, her life has gone through mega ups and downs. With all the harmful exposure she had in the press, James decided to change her name. Her real name is actually Veronica Siwik-Daniels.

The last name James was only her name in the film industry. She is working on putting her adult film days in her past and moving forward. In 2011 she entered the cosmetics industry and released a nail polish line called Shameless. She uses the line to help raise awareness for autism, tornado relief, and other causes.

Laci Somers Then


The social media celebrity and former Playboy model was seen with Woods in the summer of 2017. This was the same year that woods was arrested for a DUI while he was on his way back home from hanging out with Somers.

Somers denied knowing anything about his arrest and claimed she’d never spoken to the athlete.

Laci Somers Now


“I have never met Tiger in person, Never spoke to him on the phone, and never had any interaction with him over any devices whatsoever, including social media.”

The pictures negate her claims but it’s pretty clear why people would not want to be linked to this athlete.

Elin Nordegren Then


The relationship that Tiger Woods had with Nordegren was probably the most serious one of all. Tiger even got married to her which is HUGE coming from a guy like this. Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik introduced Tiger to his ex-wife and the two hit it off.

He loved her but he could not stop cheating on her; a concept we’ll never understand.

Elin Nordegren Now


Elin’s divorce was a rough one. She had to hear all these women’s testimonies about their secret romantic lives with Tiger. However, the courts were able to settle on a whopping $750 Million dollars.

The beautiful Swedish woman bought herself a $12 Million home in Florida. Not bad Elin!

Elin Busts the Windows Out of Tigers Car


Elin Busted the windows out of Tiger’s car. Tiger Woods’s behavior looked sketchy to Elin. She knew he was hiding something but not the extent of it all.

One night Tiger took a sedative, this was Elin’s chance to get into his phone. Tiger woke up with Elin standing over him with a gold club. She ran outside, took his car and crashed his tree. We do not blame her one bit.

Tiger Woods Publically Apologizes


Tiger Woods’ good, clean reputation was all ruined within a few days.

One day young kids look up to him and the next, the public was in complete shock by his behavior. Knowing what he’s done to his family, he made a public apology.

Elin’s Commencement Speech


Elin was in school during this whole scandal. She had to face her classmates every single day during the media scandal. Elin gave a commencement speech and joked about how she should ‘ve paid more attention in the Social Media class.“I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight.

I probably should have taken more notes in that class,” she joked. But, Elin also wanted to inspire other mothers. “If I can inspire even one mom to go back and get her degree with the message that it’s never too late, then I am happy,” she said.

Elin Sells Her Custom Made Home for $49 Million


Elin got a lot of money in her divorce settlement. The ex-model bought a stunning home in Florida, knocked it down, and built a new one from scratch.

While she enjoyed her new home, it was time for her to move out. Elin’s house was on the market for $49 million!

Elin’s New Boyfriend Cheated on Gwen


A beauty like Elin doesn’t have a hard time moving on. Tiger Wood’s ex-wife found herself a new man. Elin and Gavin Rossdale are rumored to be dating. Gavin recently got a divorce from Gwen Stefani.

People are happy that Elin found love but are disturbed that she’d date someone who cheated in the past. Apparently, Rossdale split from Gwen when she learned he had cheated on her.

Why She Wanted to Date Tiger in the First Place


Elin explains that she wasn’t so into Tiger in the beginning. Elin was afraid to date celebrities but was later convinced that she and Tiger were a lot alike and would make a perfect match.

“I wasn’t interested at first, ironically. I had my opinions about celebrities. I got convinced that we were a lot alike and agreed to a date. The biggest reason I fell for him was that we had a lot of fun together,” she told PEOPLE in 2010.

Tiger and Elin Are Good Friends


Elin says that it’s extremely important for her and Tiger to remain good friends. They share children and need to work as a ream to raise them.

She says that today, despite all the craziness, she and Tiger are almost best friends.

The Woods Kids


Tiger Woods doesn’t want his children in the media for various reasons.

However, he does step out with them to a tournament every once in a while. The kids look up to their father and have a really good relationship with him.

This 137 paternity Tests Rumor Needs to Go


Tiger Woods’ bad behavior was caught and no one can deny it. He can golf but he can’t hide. However, at the time of the scandal, the athlete had $700 million dollars, which meant that everyone was going to go after that money.

Several of his mistresses asked for paternity tests. The tabloids exaggerated the numbers and said he needed to take and fun 137 paternity tests which is not true.

How Much Did She Actually Get in the Divorce?


Some say that Elin got $700 million dollars after she and Tiger split. However, people were speculating on this type of deal because that’s nearly everything he has.

People did some research and have concluded that she received $110 million instead.

Elin Finds a Billion Dollar Love


After Elin ended her fling with Gwen Stefani’s ex, she found herself a new man. Elin and Chris Celine began a serious relationship in 2016.

Elin is a billionaire who owns several coal mines. He also owns a luxury yacht and named it “Mine Games.”

Elin and Chris Celine Break Up


Elin and Chris had a very romantic and fun relationship. They were seen skiing and cuddling; they looked really happy, but after an entire year they broke things off.

However, recent rumors sparked that she and Chris are giving their love a second shot.

Elin Is Still a Speeding Beast on the Road


When Elin discovered that her husband was cheating on her, she ran outside the house, took Tigers car, sped off and crashed it into a tree. She has come a long way since this justifiable anger streak, but she’s still a beast on the road.

Elin was recently pulled over for driving 100 miles an hour. She was not angry; she just loves to drive.

Did Tiger Woods Drop His Lucky Red Shirt?


Golf fans and friends of the famous gold player all know what Tiger Woods will not go to an important game wearing a shirt that is any other color than red. However the other day, he wore this striped shirt and the world freaked out.

Some people say that he’s signaling the end of his career while others say that the shirt is, in fact, red, but the lines are so thin that it looks pink.

Elin and Lindsey Are Friends


Although this is really hard for people to believe, it’s true. Elin and professional skier who is Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend have become really good friends. They both dealt with the same type of guy and that bonded them.

Not to mention, Lindsy was close to Elin and Tiger’s children so getting along was important for them.

How Elin Keeps it Cool


Elin went through a lot over the past years. Her friends told tabloids that despite everything; Elin is doing quite fine.

After the cheating scandal went public, she sought help and enrolled in very intensive therapy. This has tremendously helped her get her life back on track.

So What’s Next for Elin?


The mother of two announced that she is looking to go back to studying but she’s not sure what she’ll study.

“I want to continue to study and learn, but I am not exactly sure how yet. My passion has always been psychology, but my interests continue to broaden,” she told the newspaper in 2014, adding that she wasn’t involved in campus life. “I was always a little too old for the frat parties.”

Elin Rules Out Modeling


Although we would all love to see Elin get back to modeling, she said that she will never do it.

She had her days posing in front of cameras and she said it’s just not for her anymore. But wait, there’s more! We haven’t even finished going down the list of women who Tiger Woods has a history with.

Holly Sampson Then


Tiger Woods got together with Holy Sampson, an adult film actress, in a very interesting way. It was Wood’s birthday and his best pals decided to throw up a wild party to celebrate.

Holly told reporters that she had been hired as entertainment and that she brought a couple of friends with her. She explained that at the end of the night, she and Woods found themselves getting intimate together. She was head over heels for the athlete and said that the whole night she was smiling.

Holly Sampson Now


Holly was well known in the adult film industry but she also was getting roles in mainstream movies and a few TV show episodes here and there.

As a young teen, she made an appearance on the show The Wonder Years where she played a girl who had a summer fling with Kevin. She was also in the movie “Pump Up the Volume.”

Erika Herman Then


Herman was the manager of Tiger Woods’ pop-up restaurant out in Jupiter Florida. This spot was more than likely the setting of their first encounter. She also may have been the reason why Wood’s broke up with his other girlfriend Kristin Smith.

A source close to Kristin said she found him together with Herman and immediately knew that it was not the first time she’d been cheated on.

Erika Herman Now


Tiger didn’t break up with Herman after Kristan caught him cheating. The two continued to date.

Herman came to watch Woods play at the Presidents Cup and wore a “player spouse” badge which was reserved for player’s wives or girlfriends.

Rachel Uchitel Then


Rachel was in charge of several VIP sections in different NYC nightclubs. During a night’s work, she ran into to Tiger Woods, and the two hit it off. Her face is not unfamiliar to the world wide web.

A tragic photo of her holding up a picture of her missing fiance after 9/11 went viral for months at a time.

Rachel Uchitel Now


However, years down the line, we saw her in photos with Tiger Woods in a few different nightclubs. We also saw her name in publishes text messages in a text argument that Tiger had with his ex-wife Elin.

Although she claims she only met up with Woods twice, tabloids exposed that they were spotted in Vegas, NYC, and Australia. Rachel came out with a statement saying that she feels horrible for Elin after the truth came out about Tiger. Rachel moved on to own a children’s clothing store in NYC and is putting the whole scandal behind.