Top 5 Most Iconic Throwback NBA Logos of All Time

Since the NBA’s inception, it’s been a renegade league, constantly tweaking rules and the way the game works. In many ways, basketball has evolved more than any other professional sport in its short history, while also expanding and moving teams seemingly every couple seasons.

With this constant change, the team logos have had to change as well. Not every logo is a successful one, as sometimes the team’s marketing department goes a little too far (or not far enough); however, when a team is able to integrate excellent design with a representation of their city or mascot, and a great color scheme, it can elevate a logo to truly classic status. Luckily, in the NBA’s history, there have been numerous iconic logos.

Here are the Top 5 throwback NBA logos we want to make a comeback. If you’re an NBA fan, just head to the tattoo shop with this list handy, and you’ll be good to go.


5.) Dallas Mavericks (1980-1993)

Throwback NBA Logos - Dallas Mavericks

A white hat on a blue M on a green basketball. If you’re going to represent the Lone Star state, and Dallas in particular, why not incorporate the cowboy hat?

A relic of the pre-Mark Cuban Mavericks, this logo is more of a homage to Mavs’ founder Don Carter, who famously rocked a cowboy hat from courtside. This was way before Dirk, before Steve Nash, before an NBA championship. The cowboy-hatted M represented the Mavericks like a television western, not like an angry horse. Just looking at the logo now makes me want to grow a mustache, corral my steed and head off into the sunset. It’s high noon somewhere.

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