How This 35-Year-Old Brings In $30K A Month By Only Working 7.5 Hours


Working The Hard Way

Sabrina didn’t have anything handed to her on a silver platter. She thought that living an affordable life would be easy. But she made the mistake of watching the way her parents spent money.

She didn’t understand at the time; things were a lot easier than they were now. Her parents didn’t set a good example.



As she grew up into an adult that had to do things like budget for her future, she understood the mistake she had made.

But she was determined to make a change that not many people do. Even though she was completely blindsided by how hard it was to make a living in the modern world, she would find a way to fix that.

Making A Change


Sabrina looked around her and saw many people her age struggling to budget and even have savings for retirement one day. This was a big eye-opener for her.

She didn’t want to work every single day of her life until she died. She wanted retirement and even more than that; she wanted to work even less while earning more.

Finding A Way


After many trials and tribulations, Sabrina found that she finally cracked the code. Now 35 years old, her experiences over the last ten years led her to the ideal way to live.

She not only has her retirement secured but also works a lot less than most people her age, with just a seven-and-a-half-hour work week.

Her Secrets


Thankfully, Sabrina doesn’t want to keep her way of life a secret. She’s happy to give up her secrets. They’re a lot more straightforward than most people think.

But it doesn’t come without sacrifice. Sabrina had to cut out a big part of her lifestyle that many people might not be willing to do. It can easily turn into an addiction people don’t want to let go of.

Sabrina Ackerman


Sabrina Ackerman considered herself a normal girl with the same aspirations as most other people living in Brooklyn. Both of her parents were born in the sixties and didn’t ever seem to be in financial trouble.

This built up bad spending habits in Sabrina, even if she was only subconsciously learning them. It would be a tough thing to have to unlearn.

A Different Generation


“It was a different generation.” Most people tell her when she asks them what they think about Boomers and Gen Xs. But Sabrina takes things more personally than that.

Her parents would go out frequently and spend lots of money at parties and dinners. Their spending habits at home were equally as bad.

Not Better At Home


Sabrina’s parents wouldn’t penny-pinch when it came to their lifestyle at home, either. She remembers her father always swapping his German sports car for the newest model every few years.

Inside her home, her mother bought expensive and antique furnishings. That’s not even mentioning the technology.



Her father didn’t stop at expensive sports cars. He also made sure to buy the newest TV for their living room along with a new hi-fi setup with big speakers.

She got everything she ever wanted too. She got expensive Barbie houses and easy-bake ovens. It seemed that money wasn’t hard to come by, but that notion was a mistake.

Good Economy


Sabrina had to chalk up their lavish lifestyle to the economy. It wasn’t like her parents had amazing jobs either. They both worked average-middle-class jobs in corporations where they got full benefits.

This was something that annoyed Sabrina. It was definitely easier than the previous generation. But she wouldn’t lie down so easily.

A Realization


Sabrina was so sick and tired of her mediocre lifestyle. In her twenties, she completely imitated her parents, going to parties every weekend and spending a few hundred dollars.

But when she realized she couldn’t do those things and set up a future for herself, she knew she had to make a change.



Sabrina was struggling to make ends meet. She was living but not living comfortably. She had her priorities in the wrong areas and knew she’d have to make some huge changes if she wanted more out of life.

She was enjoying instant gratification in life, but it wouldn’t last forever, and she knew it. Her wake-up call came, and she knew she had to try something else.

One Big Step


Sabrina tried taking her lifestyle back a bit and started small changes that affected her in a big way. The first was taking lunch to work rather than ordering out.

The second was cutting back on her social life. She went from going out every weekend to once a month. But there was still one massive step to take.



It didn’t make sense, she had made so many sacrifices to save money where she could, but it didn’t feel like she was being rewarded. That’s when she realized where most of her money was going.

She realized that once a month, most of her money went to pay for her small apartment that didn’t match the price.

The Problem Was Brooklyn


Sabrina realized that the problem wasn’t even her apartment. It was Brooklyn. She loved her city but realized that it wasn’t affordable to rent there.

Her apartment was $2000 in rent every month. But looking at other listings in other areas, she realized that she could find much better for less.

Making The Change


After looking at her finances, she knew what she had to do. She found a beautiful house in Oregon for a third of what she was paying for her apartment.

She didn’t give it a second thought. After a month on the market, she had her apartment sold, and she settled down in Oregon, but that did have one repercussion.

Losing Her Job


The cost of moving to another state wasn’t just money. She also lost her job. It was understandable, but that meant she had to find a new one immediately if she wanted to keep an affordable lifestyle.

That’s when it dawned on Sabrina. It was a risk, but she didn’t want to go back to an office job that barely compensated her for her work.

Taking A Risk


Sabrina decided that she would take the plunge into the world of teaching others what she’d learned from her experience handling money.

She wanted others to be aware of what the previous generations had set the new generation up for – failure. People had to be taught not to look at their parents. But that meant taking a huge risk.

A New Way Of Working


Sabrina had a few contacts in the area and decided to set up her own podcast to warn newer generations about how to spend their money and not make the same mistakes she had made in her twenties.

She knew that if it crashed and burned, she’d have to find an office job that would destroy her soul. Would it work?

Making It Work


After a few weeks of hard work setting up the podcast, Sabrina saw her first check roll in. It wasn’t the most amazing salary she had ever seen but compared to the work she had put in, she was happy with it.

She was compensated $30,000 a month for her podcast. But there was something about it that made her smile.



If anyone else was earning that per month, they would have freaked out. But Sabrina just sat back and smiled at the income she had earned. It would cover the $500 bond on her house and all of her expenses for the month.

But why was she so satisfied? She was about to share the revelation on her next podcast.

Money In The Bank


Sabrina shared the reason why she was happy only earning $3,000 a month. She had something that most people her age didn’t, savings tucked away.

It was because of the amount of money she had already managed to save through the last six months of hard work before she moved from Brooklyn.



Six months before she resigned from her old job, she put in extra hours and made sure that she didn’t have any excess expenses. This meant that she had $400,000 saved up.

She only had to work hard for half a year to make up that money without living the lavish lifestyle she normally had. But she put the savings to good use.

Retirement Money


But that was only part of the reason why she was content with a small income every month. She didn’t plan on ever dipping on that $470,000 she had in the bank.

She had long-term plans that she couldn’t have dreamed of working in Brooklyn or spending as her parents did. She had another ace up her sleeve.

Working Less


Sabrina’s real reason she didn’t mind earning only $30,000 a month was because of the hours she put into her podcast. She wasn’t working a normal 50-hour work week like most others.

She was putting significantly less time into her job now than she was doing back in Brooklyn. It felt almost like she was partly retired already.



The magic number for Sabrina was seven. Most people didn’t believe her when she told them she only worked a seven-hour work week.

That was one hour every single day. She was live, she did the podcast, and then it was over. She did include a five-minute setup every day, which tallied up to just about a 7.5-hour work week. But that wasn’t everything.

A New Mindset


Something that Sabrina teaches on her podcast is how early retirement shouldn’t be something people strive for. Early retirement should be a right that every citizen has.

She personally said she wouldn’t even mind working a seven-hour work week even into her retirement. She loves working less now, if that means working into her sixties.

New Kind Of Retirement


Sabrina calls it a new type of retirement. She has all the time in the world right now to focus on other things, even if that means that she can’t live a lavish lifestyle.

She almost considers herself retired now and said that she wouldn’t trade it for anything. After ten years of working towards this, Sabrina deserves what she’s found.

Giving To Others


Thankfully, Sabrina doesn’t like keeping secrets, and she shares all of her mistakes and how to not follow in her footsteps on her podcast every week.

But Sabrina just hopes that more people her age and even newer generations will learn the importance of money as she did, just without the hassle she went through.

Happy To Help


Sabrina even has a free weekly newsletter and hosts a support group every week. These are things she’d never be able to do if she had a 50-hour work week.

She wants to lay a better path for the next generation so that things can be easier, not harder, for them. Something that the previous generation never did for her.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.