This is Heavy, Doc: the Top 5 Lingering Questions from “Back to the Future”

“Back To The Future” is one of the most widely loved and universally respected blockbuster films ever made, but don’t be fooled, there were some serious issues with this flick – including some lingering questions. Here are the top 5 head-scratchers from “Back to the Future”:

5 Are we really just going to whitewash over that sexual assault thing?

In the alternate 1985 that Marty returns to, his parents are happier and far more successful than they were in the 1985 he left behind. In fact, his father George is now so confident that he was able to turn the tables on Biff, who now works for him and is basically his little lapdog. Which is great, right? Except for the fact that Biff used to torture George endlessly, harassed Lorraine daily, and even sexually assaulted her outside the dance. But aside from all that, he seems like a perfectly okay guy to keep around.

4 Has Doc Brown uncovered the fountain of youth?

When Marty travels back to 1955, he tracks down his old buddy Doc Brown to help him get back to the future. And in 1955, Doc Brown appears to already be pretty damn old. In fact, the only discernable difference between past Doc and present Doc is that past Doc’s hair has a slight tint of blonde to it. Otherwise, same exact dude. Which would lead us to believe that in the thirty years between ’55 and ’85, Doc barely aged at all. Extensive makeup made for very apparent age differences in George, Lorraine, and Biff in the 80s, but it seems we’re supposed to believe that Doc just took really impeccable care of himself.

3 Are George and Lorraine McFly blind?

Marty McFly travels back in time to 1955, where he meets and extensively interacts with his own mother and father, under the assumed identity of Calvin Klein. In the end, he returns from his trip, arriving back in 1985 only to see that things aren’t quite the same. Thanks to the influence he had on his parents in the past, their present has turned out considerably better. There’s only one issue, though. Do they really not acknowledge that their child Marty bears an uncanny resemblance to that strange kid they met in high school? Realistically, George and Lorraine should be divorced, after George assumed Lorraine had an affair with Calvin Klein, who is obviously Marty’s real father.

2 Is Chuck Berry a plagiarist?

You all remember the scene where Marty absolutely shreds on guitar, belting out “Johnny B. Goode” and blowing the otherwise tame Enchantment Under The Sea dance wide open. If so, you no doubt remember that while Marty played the song, the injured band member he replaced, Marvin Berry, calls his cousin Chuck to tell him he’s found that new sound he’s been looking for. Which, in turn, leads us to the conclusion that Chuck Berry listened over the phone, then copied the song word for word and note for note and released it as his own, cementing his legacy as a rock legend and making him tons of money along the way. For shame, Chuck. For shame.

1 Why are Marty McFly and Doc Brown best friends?

“Back To the Future” goes to great lengths to explain the intricacies of the space-time continuum, yet at no point do they feel the need to clarify why the hell this teenager and this old man are hanging out every day after school, just doing science. It could have been an easy fix, too – they could’ve just made Doc a teacher, but instead they elected to make him a random old dude whose relationship with Marty is completely unexplained, and frankly, a little creepy. Not to mention the fact that Doc is working with weapons-grade plutonium, making the whole story little more than a jaunty tale of child endangerment.

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