Think Thin: Top 5 Ways to Lighten Up Your Food

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Lightening up your food is a great way to lose weight without feeling the difficulty of dieting or restriction. Try a few simple changes to make your food cleaner and healthier – but still tasty – and keep your body running efficiently while you shed a few pounds.

5 Ease up on dairy

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Dairy has become a mainstay in many of our diets. It is thought to have a good amount of protein and strengthen our bones. Strangely enough, dairy is very acidic to the body, which causes the bones to leach essential minerals to remain alkaline; the small amount of absorbable calcium in milk is not enough to propose efficient bone building. In fact, American women consume the most dairy in the world and yet they still have the highest rates of osteoporosis. Dairy is also constipating for many, causing bloat and often weight gain. Choose almond, oat, or hazelnut milk instead of cow dairy, and try coconut or almond milk yogurts. Baking with almond milk works excellent, and soymilk lattes are just as good as any other!

4 Eat vegetable-based dishes and soups

Vegetable-based dishes (stir-fries, salads, steamed vegetables) should always be sought out, rather than flesh or grain-based dishes (burgers, meat, and rice-type dishes) due to their low calorie content, alkalizing effect on the body, and high nutrient content. By always making sure you have vegetables with your food, you will be sure to get the slimming and energy-raising benefits of filling, nutrient-dense vegetables. If you need the burger, replace half of it with a big salad. If you need macaroni, add broccoli. By simply adding vegetables to your favorites, you will be taking a big step towards improving your health and slimming down.

3 Use less of a healthier oil

As mentioned above, using coconut oil is an excellent way to make frying, sautéing, and baking healthier. You don’t need much of it to get the desired mouth feel that fats give to food, so simply start out with a dime size if you’re sautéing; add a little more, if needed, before adding water or vegetable broth.

2 Replace fried with steamed, seared, poached, or sautéed

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Fried foods, particularly those fried in low-quality oil, are one of the worst foods you can put in your body. Deep-frying your food is especially bad. Instead of using vegetable oils, cook with coconut oil, which has a higher smoke point (meaning it takes a higher heat for it to be damaged). Only use a little oil before adding water or vegetable broth to keep the frying cleaner and just as satisfying. Also, try steaming your vegetables, searing your fish, and poaching your eggs.

1 Go easy on sugars

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We all know sugar isn’t the greatest thing for our body – in some articles and books, it’s even portrayed as evil! Sugar is hard on the pancreas and can cause an energy rollercoaster throughout your day. No need to completely ban it, however. Simply use stevia or raw honey in your coffee instead, or substitute agave or maple syrup. These substitutes are easier for the body to process and contain minerals, unlike refined sugar.

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