Things Unique to Newport Beach You Don’t Realize Until You Leave

Everyone has a different upbringing. Here are some of the things unique to Newport Beach that people fortunate enough to grew up here would get.

If you were fortunate enough to grow up in Newport Beach, you probably didn’t realize just how lucky you were until you left for college. Here’s just a few of the things unique to Newport Beach, California and reasons why you should consider yourself #blessed!


1.) How ideal our weather is

newport beach california

Surprisingly, it’s not always 75 degrees Fahrenheit year round other places. If it gets in the 50’s, don’t complain unless you want to get a good slapping from a friend who’s used to cold weather. The good thing is, everyone will want to come visit you year round!


2.) How casual everyone dresses

newport beach california bikini

Who knew “No shoes, no shirt, no service” was actually a thing?


3.) Slang that’s normal here is a different language to other people

When someone from out of town says “He’s so sick”, they actually mean he’s under the weather, not “He’s so cool”.


4.) Living and eating healthy isn’t always the top priority of people

You might have to drive more than a mile to get an acai bowl or green juice…gasp!


5.) Most people aren’t going to have the same definition of a typical summer day

Jr. Lifeguards, swim team, and going to the beach every other day just doesn’t make sense to people.


6.) How small our town actually is

Have you ever gone to Bearflag and not run into a friend?


7.) The beautiful landscape

Driving to your friend’s house on Pacific Coast Highway isn’t exactly the same scenery you’ll likely be seeing anywhere else.


If you grew up in Newport Beach, these are just some of the few things you’ve most likely grown accustomed to. These things unique to Newport Beach most likely will not be found anywhere else in the country, if not the world. So if you did happen to grow up in Newport Beach, say your prayers and count your blessings, because honey, this is not reality for the majority of people.