21 Things You’ll Only Remember if You Existed Before The Internet

By Youmn January 5, 2019 View all posts (89)

We do miss many things from the good ol’ days and feel like we’re missing out on many experiences today. I mean, sure, the world came a long way and we’re thankful for it, but we can’t help but reminisce about the times when playing outside was a given, when mixtapes were the epitome of cool, and when treehouses were still a thing. Do you remember these things before the internet? Time for a walk down memory lane.

Let’s Remember Our Favorite Things Before the Internet

21.) Using an Encyclopedia to Do Your Homework

things beforeinternet encyclopedia

Doing homework or completing a paper sometimes meant a mandatory trip to the local library and pulling all their encyclopedias to find the subject you’re looking for. Your lucky day was when all the volumes of the encyclopedia set were sitting quietly on their shelf. You had what seemed like unlimited knowledge at your fingertips.

Having one source of information isn’t convincing to us today though. We only need to type into Google our subject and find zillions of the latest articles, research papers, interviews, all updated and trying to provide answers to our questions and issues.

It’s worth asking ourselves this though: is it really better this way? With so much information available online, it’s harder to know if the source is reliable and has the credentials to and expertise to treat some subjects.

What do you think?