People Who Blew Our Freakin’ Minds By Coming Up With Brand New Sentences


Salt Rocks

There are people on the internet who sometimes come up with the most mind-blowing sentences you’ve ever heard.

Just look at this person wanting to test rocks because salt rocks can’t be the only ones that taste good. They really got us thinking with that one. Are there other rocks out there that taste just as good as salt rocks do?

Mirror Vs. Camera


This person had a very valid point. We often look in the mirrors at our homes and think we look fantastic.

But then you pass a shop or look in the mirror when trying on that dress you want to buy, and you look completely different. How is that even possible?

Shouldn’t you look the same in every mirror? And why on earth do cameras have a habit of making us look terrible?

The Archeologists


This person seems to have a mind of gold. We have never looked at it in that way before, but they seemed to have hit the nail on the head with that one.

Maybe the grave robbers should consider becoming archeologists. At least that way, they can earn more money doing what it is that they do.



This person has another valid point. Vapes can be great for some people, especially the fragrances and flavors that come with them.

But we do understand this person’s point of view. Those vapes can often smell like the real deal, and if you’re a fan of cotton candy, you might be tempted to follow the scent.

Emotional Baggage


This term has many derivatives, such as “emotional damage,” but how this term became the norm is a mystery.

However, this person’s definition of it is brilliant. Griefcase seems to explain the situation pretty well. Maybe we should consider adding that to the urban dictionary. That could be a brilliant new phrase if it’s incorporated well enough.

Sock Divorce


This is a valid question. Every time you do a load of washing, at least one pair of socks seems to be getting divorced.

Where are they going? Is the washing machine eating them? Well, there is actually a place they disappear to. They usually fall into the bottom of the machine, so if you remove the cover, you’ll find the missing ones.



Doritos have so much flavor, and those ads they have are absolutely hilarious. But they do have their moments.

It’s not often that you find clumps of spice, but when you do, it can be terrible. The spices are incredibly strong, so we can only imagine how bad it must be to have a clump of that in your mouth.

AI Necromancer


This person has a fantastic, albeit creepy, idea of what to do with their deceased mother. But the commenter does have a point.

There is a company out there that does allow people to record themselves before they die, and they can answer certain questions so their loved ones can communicate with them once they’re gone.

The Dog Debate


What on earth was this person when they asked this question? We are not surprised by the sarcastic response they got after that.

How could they possibly not get the subtle hint that was thrown their way? We mean, a biological dog is definitely not a thing. They had to get it from somewhere, right?



Depending on where you’re from, this person’s statement could come as a shock. Some people find 75 degrees to be cold, especially if they’re from the Southern Hemisphere.

But we do understand where they’re coming from. Where some people prefer the warmth, others prefer it to be a little cooler. So we can understand where they’re coming from.

Difference Between Bones


This person’s point is so perfectly framed, even though it’s something we’ve never thought about before. Why do teeth require so much more attention?

Is it because of all the bacteria we have in our mouths? Or is it just because the bones are far more brittle than the rest? Will we ever know the answer?

Millennials Vs. Serial Killers


Have you ever thought about something like that before? We never thought the poster or the commenter would find this topic so fascinating.

Their jokes are hilarious, though. And that is something we’re sure many people could appreciate. But this is seriously out there. We can’t help but wonder how they came up with this.



We have absolutely no idea how this conversation started or how it ended up where it was, but the mindsets of these people are astonishing.

This level of depth and imagination is truly mind-blowing. How on earth did they manage to come up with something so in-depth? We guess we’ll never know, but we’d like to learn more.

Loud Computers


This might be before some people’s time, as floppy disks went out of fashion many years ago. But they really were loud things back in their day.

This person managed to sum that sound up perfectly. It really does sound like a pterodactyl eating a corn cob. We could not have said that any better ourselves.

Exploding Food


This is a very valid question. Certain foods and the ways they are cooked happened by pure accident, like french fries.

But how did they come up with the idea to pop corn? And have they decided to try to pop anything else? If they did, how did it come out? Was it tasty? Or was it a flop?

Super Mario


If this isn’t the best way to sum up a game, we don’t know what is. This person must’ve spent a lot of time playing this game to come up with this conclusion.

But what they came up with is pure genius. And we’re sure this isn’t the only game that could use such an in-depth analysis.

Lesbian Parents


This person really knows their stuff, at least in the fields of women and relationships. And we guess they’re right to thank their parents for their inside knowledge.

We’re sure any woman who ends up with them will be grateful for the part their parents played in teaching them everything there is to know about women.



Wow… That is something we’re sure not many people have come up with, but the description seems to be pretty accurate.

We guess that just like writing, speaking would have its own fonts, and accents would be the best way to describe them. However, that does make us wonder what those accents would look like.

Meat Suits


When we saw this, we had to take a moment to laugh. Of all the things we’ve seen in our lives, this is by far the best sign posted on a store window.

We don’t know who came up with this idea, but we do think that person needs a medal for their ingenuity and wit.

Millennials And Religion


We don’t know what to say about this one… The article itself does have a point, as a lot of the younger generation are starting to move away from certain things, including religion.

But that comeback deserves the two awards it got. We wonder how long it took the poster to come up with such an ingenious response.

Occupy Their Minds


Well, that definitely is another way to look at things. We are 100% sure whoever wakes up to a watermelon on their doorstep will be both delighted and puzzled.

So the OP definitely has a point about occupying their minds, even if it is just for a little while. And that comeback is just as well-thought-out as the original plan.

Sections Of The Brain


Don’t you just hate it when your brain gets into a fight with itself? It’s clear that this person does. But what’s even more evident is that they really want to eat that pasta.

What would you do if you were in their shoes? Would you be sensible? Or would you eat the pasta? We’d probably go for the pasta.

Main Character


We have never actually thought about it that way. But now that the poster mentioned it… We all have those memories we wish we could forget because they were so embarrassing. And having someone use it to break the ice would be dreadful.

But we guess that’s better than having your misfortunes posted on YouTube for the world to laugh at.

Trip To The Pharmacy


This pharmacist’s response definitely did what some of our other posters were hoping to achieve. But we’re not really sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

At least they knew they were on someone’s mind the entire day. Whether it was because they said something without thinking it through or not, but perhaps they should rethink things next time around.



We have been wondering about how this poster came up with this theory ever since we saw the post. That’s some serious thinking right there.

But they do have a point. We’re so used to things like elevators that we don’t pay much attention to them. And now we can’t help but wonder what dogs think when they step into one.

Naming Hurricanes


Well, now this is a topic for serious debate. Normally, hurricanes are named after women, which also proves this poster’s point. But why do we give them such names?

We’re 100% sure the second part of this post is accurate. If it was named after something that sounded more dangerous, we would automatically associate it with danger.

Tagging Birds


This post had us rolling on the floor with laughter. What they said is 100% accurate, which is what makes the second part of this post so hilarious.

We often don’t think about how things would seem if the roles were reversed, but this person managed to sum it up perfectly. And they managed to give us a hilarious topic to think about.

Shoulder Blades


This has been the topic of many debates. Schools have certain dress codes that need to be adhered to in order to avoid expulsion. Yet, our children are allowed to carry knives?

Where is the logic in that? We’re sure a blade can do far more damage than an exposed shoulder. So, the OP has a very valid point.

A Child’s Mind


When we were children, we had such vivid imaginations. We could build worlds and create characters to the likes authors could only dream of.

And even though many of those things came across as being silly, some of them were pure genius. And this person came up with a fantastic word as a kid. In our opinion, that should be added to the Urban Dictionary.

Underground Grandma


This is by far one of the best posts on this list. The way the OP describes the granny is fantastic. And we’re pretty sure that, at the time, she ticked quite a few of those boxes.

And that also leaves us with a bunch of mixed feelings regarding her behavior. One thing is for sure, though, this granny has some serious courage.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.