They’ll Never Trust Medical Professionals Again


Wrong Medication

July was diagnosed with endometriosis, and so the Dr that discovered this had put her on a treatment that was working for her. So when it was time for my follow-up, I became nervous when they told me my Dr was not working. However, they said the lady standing in for him was good.

The Dr decided to give me medication that did not go so well with my treatment even after I told her not to, and it ended me in the ER that same night.

Wrong Arm


My friend Tim had an accident that cost him his arm, so they removed it. While sleeping, he was in the waiting room. A different nurse came in and made extra notes; they moved him to the operating room and somehow ended up removing the wrong arm.

They managed to repair it; however, his arm was never the same after that day.

Tummy Ache


My sister Jess kept complaining about a tummy ache, and it kept getting worse, so we took her to the Dr, and he gave her some medication dismissing it as a tummy bug.

It is as if the meds made her worse, so we took her to the hospital, only for the Dr to realize that she was pregnant but was not showing. She was never the same after that whole experience.

Wrong Diagnosis


My friend August had horrible flare-ups, which the Dr assumed was lupus, and began treating her for it. She kept getting worse and kept complaining about it. So she decided to get a second opinion, only to realize after tests that she had chronic eczema and allergies.

She was emotional because she kept telling the first Dr to keep checking. Finally, someone decided to hear her pleas.

Gastrointestinal Anxiety


Harry recalls how he felt like he could not breathe and that his chest was closing in and the house was getting smaller, so he managed to push himself to the bathroom and asked for someone to take him to the hospital.

The doctor who attended him told him that he might have gas and needed some antiacid. The same thing happened after two days, and this time the Dr treating him realized that he had a panic attack.



Mary had the worst sore throat ever and decided to go to the Dr when she arrived at the office. The nurse placed her with patients that said they might have covid.

So the Dr did not even listen to what was aching her, which was her swollen tonsils, and kept telling her that she should take the test and go home to quarantine. She was so overwhelmed by the Dr’s insistence that she decided to go somewhere else.

You Might Be Pregnant


elly felt dizzy and nauseous and had other symptoms for two days straight, so her husband took her to the Dr. When they arrived, the doctor said that she showed signs of pregnancy and told her she could only give her certain meds.

She told him she was not pregnant and demanded a test, which came out negative, and the other test was positive for an infection. She had an inner ear infection that had similar symptoms as pregnancy.

Just In Time


May loved getting her hair done, and so on Saturday, her stylist noticed that she had a small bump in her neck. She told her mom about it, who made an appointment with a specialist.

After examining it, the specialist told the ladies that the bump was indeed a tumor and that if they had waited any longer, the tumor may have attached itself to her spine and caused damage.

Unfinished Work


Sarah had surgery about a month ago, and so two months after, she kept complaining about this sharp pain in her tummy. So she went back to the hospital and asked them to check inside her abdomen.

X-rays were taken, and they found that someone foreign was indeed inside. It turns out that someone negligent sowed her up without ensuring that everything was right and good inside.

Worm Breeding


Jeff went to the Dr because his back was aching. He kept saying that he felt like something else was moving inside, but the doctor said his mind could play tricks on him. He went home, and when he was about to go for a swim, his friend noticed something moving on his back.

It turns out a bed bug had laid an egg inside and was hatching that ver moment. If only the Doctor had taken him seriously, they could have witnessed a birth taking place.

Wrong Tooth


John went to the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth on his right side that kept him up at night. So the dentist removed the tooth that he thought was rotten.

Two days later, he went back to the dentist about it, and they realized that they had taken the wrong tooth instead and that the rotten tooth was not the culprit of his agony. John is now toothless and can’t enjoy his steak and ribs anymore.

Agonising Period Pain


My friend Jane kept telling me that she goes through intense pain every month of her cycle that makes it hard for her to get out of bed.

I explained that such excruciating pain is not normal and should get it checked. It turns out that Jane had cysts the size of a golf ball and needed surgery, and had been getting worse every time her cycle came.

Achey Toe


My aunt Anne kept complaining about her pinky toe being painful, and it became so bad that she was unable to walk at some point. So her husband took her to the hospital to get it checked.

Her X-ray showed that her spine had dislocated to the left side, and her toe was trying to tell her to get help. So she had to get reconstructive surgery to correct her spine and align it properly.

A Second Skin


Travis fell and scratched his knee badly, and instead of going to the Dr to get it checked as most people would, he decided to try an old family remedy and applied turmeric to it and other things.

That mixture ended up making the scab infected, and eventually, he found himself in the ER for something he could have easily avoided when he got hurt.

Bed Ridden


Suzy gave birth to her son via C-section, and after being released from the hospital, she realized that her scar would leak blood every time she would move.

The spot kept getting worse to the point that it started to open up from where they closed it. She went back to the hospital, and they had to stitch her up again. The medical staff failed to ensure that she was taken care of.