These Guys Have Guts (And Luckily Kept Them Intact): the 5 Craziest High Dives of All Time

For as long as mankind has existed, we have been filled with an inexorable drive to get really high up on top of something and then jump off of it. Call it the daring human spirit; call it blinding stupidity; call it boldness or brashness, but people really like doing it, regardless. Today we have assembled for your reading pleasure (and likely your mild consternation) several accounts of both specific, onetime jumps, and of serial high dive behavior. Don’t try any of this stuff at home, unless of course your home is a giant wooden scaffold off of which you regularly jump. In that case, go nuts, because you likely are nuts to begin with.

5 Randy Dickison’s jump

Randy Dickison had the dual honor/misfortune of both setting the world high dive record and shattering the bones in one leg all in the same split second. In 1985, Mr. Dickison set then world record for high dive height when he jumped off a platform elevated a staggering one hundred and seventy four feet above a pool. Not to be outdone, and not to not rather pointlessly risk life and limb, Oliver Favre, of Switzerland, jumped off of a one hundred and seventy seven foot platform a mere two years later in ’87. Who will set the next high dive record? I can only say with any certainty who it is not going to be…

4 Bungee jump from Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, really?

The record for the longest (or highest, whatever you want to call it) bungee jump in the world is held by a few people who have made the same jump, so let’s talk about the place instead. It is the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado. It’s billed as the world’s highest suspension bridge. And as it offers jumpers about 1,050 of altitude through which to plunge, we are inclined to believe it.

3 Prof. Splash’s jump

You might have not heard of Professor Splash before, but after reading this I’d be surprised if you didn’t head on over to one or another of the interweb’s fine video sites to check him out. You see, this fellah, Prof. Splash is a high dive expert. He regularly jumps off of platforms some 40 feet up in the air. OK, nothing crazy right? Wait for it… dude jumps into a pool filled with one foot of water. Yep, kiddie pools. He jumps off of Olympic high dive height platforms… into kiddie pools. Crazy? Yes. Crazy awesome? Rather.

2 The Bunlap tribe has ritual jumps

Next let’s take it back old school: The Bunlap tribe, of Pentecost Island (located in the South Pacific) are the OGs of bungee jumping. Except that their bungee cords are actually just vines tied around their ankles. And also, in some of the ritual jumps, called Gkol, which can take place from over 100 feet in the air, the goal is to hit the ground. Just not so hard that you end up dead. Men show their manliness by risking their lives in the jumps, but I have to say: they do look pretty manly.

1 Felix Baumgartner’s jump

We have to lead off with the reigning record holder when it comes to highest “dives”: daredevil Felix Baumgartner’s jump from “space.” On October 14th, 2012, this gentleman jumped from a platform suspended just about 24 MILES above the earth. His fall was not only a new record for altitude, which had previously been set at a paltry nineteen and a half miles up, but he also broke the damn sound barrier while in free-fall. A free-fall that lasted almost four and a half minutes. D’damn.
Have you ever tried jumping off of anything insanely high? If so, tell us all about it! If not, then you are more likely to be trusted with our spare key or to watch the kids and whatnot. Man, jumping off all that stuff? That’s cray cray.

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