Countries Most Likely To Survive A Climate Change

As climate change has come into people's minds, they've googled a common question - Here are the countries that would be okay when things start to collapse.

Climate Change

As climate change has come into people’s minds, they’ve googled a common question – what countries would be okay when climate change rolls around and things start to collapse.

A common misconception is that geography plays a major role but there are a lot of factors that determine whether or not a country would survive climate change or not.


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ireland is actually in the top 5 countries to manage just fine in the event of a collapse.

The island is somewhat self-sufficient with plenty of untapped resources. It’s a hidden gem.


Credit: Wikimedia Commons

It also helps that Ireland is a huge exporter than an importer, meaning they don’t need a lot of imports.

So Ireland could easily survive if it were cut off from other countries. But what other countries could top this?

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