these are the best songs of ke$ha’s young career

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Ke$ha’s name is annoying to type, and she isn’t exactly the ideal role model for the entire generation of young women listening to her music. However, there is nothing more fun than going out dancing and jumping around to her music. What it has over a lot of other current dance-pop acts is that it is unique and catchy. Ke$ha’s voice is distinct, and her style of pop is easily recognizable. These five songs are guaranteed to get bodies on the dance floor no matter where you are.

5 Die Young

Die Young has the distinct sound of summer””however you want to define the sound of summer. The lyrics are less about the words and more about the sounds. Ke$ha’s unique voice makes the rhymes feel playful. Die Young makes you forget the fog and chill in the air and evokes a playfulness on even the coldest night out clubbing.

4 TiK ToK

Her break through club hit, TiK ToK put Ke$ha on the forefront of every club DJ’s mind. It was hard to escape a top 40-radio station without hearing it. The song allows everyone to feel like the queen of the club scene. While “œbrushing your teeth with a bottle of jack”probably isn’t the best advice to heed, there is definitely an carelessness in TiK ToK that is always fun to imagine you live in. Besides, it is undeniably fun to dance to.

3 Blah Blah Blah (Ft. 3OH!3)

The intro to the video for Blah Blah Blah is actually all too real””featuring mister dorkwad trying desperately to hit on miss pretty thing when, really, miss pretty thing wants nothing to do with him. In fact, that is kind of the over-all message of Blah Blah Blah. The song, like all of Ke$ha’s hits, is catchy. 3OH!3’s contribution gives the song a dialogue feeling and makes it more interesting than your stereotypical dance hit. Obviously Ke$ha wants you to cut through the bullshit””and there’s nothing wrong with a woman getting what she wants.

2 Take it Off

Take it Off may actually be one of the most fun club songs to dance to. The lyrics aren’t anything special, but are surprisingly honest and frank (every millennial has carried a water bottle of whiskey in their bag and drunk texted their ex at some point in their club hopping life). What’s fun about Take it Off is the driving bass beat and the ebb and flow of the song’s harmonies. Everyone knows that place downtown and everyone loves being one of those freaks in a dirty free for all. Ke$ha takes the idea of a guilty pleasure and makes it totally okay.

1 You Must Be Upgraded (Ft. The Flaming Lips)

The Flaming Lips are amazing and if you didn’t think so just to prove you wrong, they collaborated with Ke$ha in a very freaky and strange song. You Must Be Upgraded sounds like psychedelic electro pop in a post apocalyptic dystopia. Ke$ha’s distinct vocal style is highlighted by The Flaming Lips’ distorted harmony and background music (noise? Whatever). Not exactly a danceable song, You Must Be Upgraded is none the less Ke$ha’s most unique, experimental and artistic venture yet.

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