These 5 Items Ensure A Fabulous Football Party

Hosting a football watch party can be a great excuse to have people over to have fun! Here are the top items you need to ensure a fabulous football party!

Football games of great consequence create the ideal “excuse” for you to host your friends and have a fabulous football party. The following five items are crucial to prepping for your football party. These along with your willingness to have fun and enjoy a great time with your family and friends will ensure a memorable experience your guests will be raving out for months.

1.) Projection System: Cost $299.00

While watching the game indoors is an option, another great way to open up your home to more people is to project the game using a projection system like this EUG Wireless Home Theater Projector. This gives you the option of broadcasting the game outdoors. All you have to do is get a projection screen and you are ready to go. This projection system will project anywhere from 3.94 to 16.4 feet and will fit on a screen from 50 to 150 inches. You can project from the front, rear of the up high. It is compatible with satellite TV, cable as well as a laptop, Roku, Fire Stick along with many other options.

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2.) Party Favors: Cost $16.24 a Set

Every great party includes favors. Instead of opting for a traditional bag full of goodies, though, why not go with something that can actually be used during the game itself, which is the purpose of your get together. This yellow penalty and red challenge flag allow your guests to get involved in the game by throwing up their own “laundry” when they feel a penalty has been committed against their favorite team or a challenge is in order.

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3.) Centerpiece: Cost $2.99

To ensure a memorable football party, you have to create a conversation worthy centerpiece. This Football Stadium Centerpiece by Beistle does just that. It measures 15” long and 9.5” wide and is made of board stock and looks like a football stadium. This centerpiece is ideal for you to use to serve your guests meat, cheese, crackers, etc. Of course, good food is crucial to any great party as are plenty of drinks.

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4.) Football Themed Décor: Cost $5.82 to $13.74

To fully sell the football theme, it takes more than a few flags and a great centerpiece, although that’s a great start. To pull the party together, you need football themed décor. Beistle offers a wide range of décor items on Amazon that are ideal for football themed parties. They have a table cover that looks like a football field, complete with lines and hash marks. There is also a pack of football themed picks that you can use to serve finger foods. These décor items are generic, meaning they feature footballs, football fields and such, but not specific teams. Creative Converting offers team specific décor such as table covers, napkins, plates and the like that showcase your favorite team’s logo and colors. It’s up to you whether you want to purchase décor items that are team specific or more generic. One benefit of going generic for the serving table, in particular, is the fact that you can reuse these items for additional parties. For example, if you are Georgia Bulldog fan and also like the Atlanta Falcons, the generic items will allow you to throw separate parties featuring both teams. You would only have to get new plates, napkins, cups, and food to throw another party.

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5.) Additional Entertainment: Cost $16.99

Some of your guests will be glued to the TV. They came to watch the game and will want to do little else. However, there are some guests who would welcome additional entertainment. This Big Game Sports Card, 25 Squares Pool, 12 Pack is for them. The game is designed for 25 people and the game comes with easy-to-understand instructions. This game gives viewers additional entertainment options. If this seems like too much work, you can always set up corn hole or some other type of game in a separate area of your yard so those who would rather not watch every second of the game. In fact, combining the two entertainment options along with playing the game will ensure all your guests are happy and entertained.

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Football parties are one of the best aspects of the football season. The five items listed above will help you make this year’s party better than you ever thought possible. Simply remember that your guests are there for a good time. Provide plenty of food and drinks and your guests will rave about your party and jump at the opportunity to watch a game at your house when presented with the chance again.