These 25 Baby T-Shirts are Shockingly Offensive — and Hilarious!

Have a little fun with your little ones, but be careful, proceed with caution! Check out these 25 hilariously offensive baby shirts!

Having a baby is a joyous time in life, and some parents have the ultimate sense of humor when it comes down to it. If you’re someone who is easily offended, proceed with caution because these baby t-shirts and onesies will definitely shock you. (

Let’s just hope when these kids get older they don’t find their parent’s stash of inappropriate baby t-shirts. Embarrassed isn’t even the word.

25.) Baby Loves to Breastfeed

baby breastfeeding shirt

Well, here’s a nice way to let your mom know that you’re hungry.

Can you imagine the look on someone’s face if they saw this top?

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24.) Best Father’s Day Gift Ever

baby t shirts 7

A play on words that will make your mother or father-in-law drop their jaws.

We mean, it’s not exactly lying.

23.) Dad Puns

inappropriate baby t shirts 4

Now, here’s a little dad pun gone wrong.

Make sure to wear this one around your less sensitive friends.

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22.) Party Naked

bad baby t shirt

Anyone who lets their baby wear this has a good sense of humor, albeit dirty.

Especially the photo with the the naked lady shotgunning a beer.

21.) Shocked Baby Doesn’t Know

inappropriate baby t shirts

Maybe the baby realized what the shirt it was wearing means.

Clearly, their mom had a lovely C-section to bring them into the world.

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20.) Hakuna Matata

bad baby tshirts 6

This shirt is a cute Lion King reference with a cheeky twist.

It’s also yet another reference to let you know that hungry babies only want one thing.

19.) A Valentine’s Day Onesie

This baby onesie is a cute Valentine’s Day surprise to say the least.

Let’s face it, your baby is the cutest and everyone deserves to know.

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18.) Happy Family

bad baby tshirts 9

We don’t know what these parents were going through when they chose this shirt for their baby, but it cracks us up.

Let’s just hope what the shirt says isn’t true.

17.) Pro Choice Baby

bad baby tshirts

Not to get into politics, but this shirt is really funny.

But honestly, it’s probably best to let your kids make up their own mind about their stance on social issues.

16.) Lousy T-Shirts

bad baby t shirts

Most of the silly baby t shirts we find have to do with babies inability to control themselves.

We just hope the kid has a great sense of humor when they get older.

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15.) Perfect for a Pair of Twins

weird offensive baby t shirts

We think this one is a great idea for that first baby shower.

It would be hilarious to see your friends facial expression once they read these inappropriate tops.

14.) The Perfect Barcode

vachina baby t shirt

This is one that you could maybe get away with showing in public.

Unless you look for longer than one second.

13.) Only a Little Disturbing

toddler tee shirts ruined

We think this one may be a little too inappropriate to actually let your kid wear.

Let’s just hope no one actually puts this shirt on their baby.

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12.) Extremely Inappropriate

shocking baby t shirts

Rule of thumb: don’t take your baby grocery shopping in this t-shirt.

Why? Because the stares you will get won’t be pretty. Guaranteed.

11.)  Shady Baby

mean baby bodysuits

You can tell the parents of this baby are a shady duo.

But what other way is there to show of your whiny baby off to your family and friends?

10.) Last Night Was a Blur

inappropriate baby tees

What a frank and straight to the point shirt for a newborn.

We think this would make a perfect White Elephant gift for a couple that is expecting.

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9.) Daddy’s Little Angel

daddy baby t shirt

We all know that things can change once a baby comes along.

But this is one hilarious way to joke about the woes of a brand new baby.

8.) Rihanna Approves

bitch better have my bottle baby t shirt

Rihanna would approve of this message.

This onesie is great because it lets everyone know who’s boss, and its the baby.

7.) Impressionable Babies

bad baby shirts 121

Kids are impressionable, which is why you have to watch your language around them.

But there is no doubt that it’s hilarious hearing or seeing a kid wearing something inappropriate like this.

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6.) The Bare Truth

baby t shirts wild

The best inappropriate t-shirts are the ones that get straight to the point.

Frank, funny t-shirts like this one can’t help but make us laugh.

5.) Diaper Baby

baby t shirts inappropriate

The best part of this t-shirt is the cute baby wearing it.

We also can’t help but think about the crack he’s hiding in his diaper.

4.) Cutest Dad Son Duo Ever

 baby and dad with bad t shirt

Now isn’t this adorable.

This dad son duo can look forward to looking back on this and laughing.

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3.) One for the Baby Boy

the bris baby t shirt

Snip snip.

At least that’s what this is offensive t-shirt is suggesting.

2.) Get Your Hands Dirty

dad baby t shirts

Dad jokes seem to be a trend with these inappropriate baby t-shirts.

We find this one to be the funniest one because it’s true.

1.) Wildly Inappropriate

mommmy baby t shirt

If this doesn’t make your mouth drop, we don’t know what will.

Besides the fact that there is profanity on this shirt and it’s slightly creepy, this babies expression makes it even more shocking.

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