the top 5 “y u no guy” memes of all time

Calling out the annoyances and contradictions that plague us day in and day out, the Y U No Guy has a good reason to look that way””specifically, like he just smelled a piece of cheese made by a skunk. The bloodshot eyes, the furrowed brow, the burst capillaries”¦ he might be a better embodiment of bewildered rage than Lewis Black. Because he speaks to our souls (or, more appropriately, shouts at them), we decided it was time to pay our black and white friend some respect: our Top 5 Y U No Guy Memes. So don’t get too mad at us for the questions he raises. Just join us and commiserate, if you’re not too busy laughing.

5 Mother Nature Fail

His stance on this issue might explain some the acne on the side of his cheek. And also the weight problem that he has centralized in his head. Think about how healthy we’d all be if pizza and chili cheese fries really were vegetables, instead of just being escape hatches on our diets. We all want to loose weight while eating ice cream. But he should probably blame healthy foods. Wheat Grass: Y U No Taste Good?

4 Seriously!?

Who knew Y U No Guy could get so heart warming? Of course, we have to assume this is shouted at some angel-faced rocket scientist after the umpteenth time getting back together with her abusive MMA-fan boyfriend. Y U No Guy might have even been trying to sneak in for a rebound, but probably got friendzoned. So his rage is totally justified. But seriously ladies. Y U No Date Respectable Guy?

3 Hey, Teacher!

Frankly, this one will make you want to put on The Wall and get lost in two hours of amazingness. Classic jams are always appreciated here at Top 5. But hell, Y U No Guy is 100 percent right on this one either way. Every self-righteous authority figure is just another freaking brick in the wall. Let kids scuff their knees and get into trouble a little bit before adult life sucks the marrow out of their bones. Wankers. Y U No Have Pudding Before U Have Meat?

2 Useless Degree

Apparently, Y U No Guy was a philosophy major. To quote the Simpsons, though, “œthe unemployment line isn’t just for philosophy majors anymore.”It’s rough all over, and Y U No Guy is sympathetic to your plight. Perhaps he should run our schools and teach all the classes. I mean he seems to be the only person (except maybe Philosoraptor) who’s asking the hard-hitting questions, the real McCoy. But all the fancy degrees in the world wont earn you a face like that. But maybe we should all ask ourselves: Y U No Mooch Off Parents?

1 Dying Battery

When you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere with a dying phone wondering what friend you can rely on and only have enough battery to place a single call, you might think “œwhy is my phone programmed to taunt me?””œ5% battery life!”OK, fair enough. So, why do you keep blinking in my face? “œLow battery. Low battery. Low battery.”Damn, give a guy time to think”¦ one phone call”¦ Tim never picks up. “œLow battery.”Crap! Now you’re yelling at your phone, instead of calling someone to help you. “œPowering down.”Y U No Hitch Hike For First Time?

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