The Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Gold

Gold is one of the most precious, prized elements on earth. This pliant, yellow metal has altered the fate of whole empires and it has sparked mass migrations that shaped the borders of nations. Gold has played a role in opening new scientific frontiers and it has had a hand in the start of countless romances.

But for all the apparent ubiquity of gold, you may be surprised to find you actually don’t know that much many gold facts. There’s more to gold than wedding rings and late night infomercials about investment opportunities, and we’re here to start filling in the cavities in your knowledge about this fine metal so enjoy these 5 surprising gold facts.

5.) The Rise(s) and Fall(s) of Gold

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When the economy hits a rough patch, many folks turn to gold as a safe investment. And indeed throughout most of history, this precious metal has been a precious commodity, and gold is considered a relatively safe part of any investor’s portfolio.

Make sure not to sink your entire nest egg into the stuff: gold was selling for more than $1,900 per ounce in mid-2011, but was selling for less than half that, at just $950 in 2009. And in 2003, just ten years ago, it sold for only $360 an ounce, less than half its peak price in 1980! Gold’s story is one of extreme volatility, so use caution.