The Top 5 Strangest Things Found Washed Up on the Beach

A good stroll down an open stretch of wave-lapped shore can be calm and soothing or inspiring and motivational. Or, depending on what you find washed up there, a stroll on the beach can be fascinating, lucrative, comical or downright terrifying. There are millions of miles of open ocean in which currents are constantly swirling and atop which waves are ever rolling; it’s only a matter of time before things afloat at sea end up resting at the water’s edge, just waiting for some hapless beachcomber to find them. Will your next visit to the beach reveal a message in a bottle… or might you find the carcass of some horrid, unidentifiable creature?

5 A Japanese Fishing Boat

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A small fishing boat washing up on the beach would be nothing remarkable under normal circumstances. But in this case, the boat in question was from Japan and the beach in question was in California! In April of 2013, the tiny, open boat was found on a beach in northern CA, having spent over two years adrift on the Pacific Ocean following the tsunami that ravaged Japan in March of 2011.

4 A Giant Crocodile Head

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A couple walking their dogs along a beach in South Africa stumbled across a gruesome find one morning in early 2013: the perfectly intact head of a giant crocodile. The rest of the fearsome reptile, which could have been well over ten feet long in total, was conspicuously absent. Speculation as to what separated the croc’s head from its body ran the gamut from poachers to a hippo, but most experts ultimately agreed that a losing encounter with a massive great white shark was the likely culprit.

3 A Century Old Message in a Bottle

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For a journey that lasted just under 98 years, this bottle sure didn’t get very far. In fact, the world’s longest recorded floating bottle was recovered less than 10 miles from where it was released! We know the bottle’s age and the distance it travelled with amazing precision, because it was released as part of an experiment tracking tides and currents around the UK. Thus the message in this near hundred-year-old bottle was sadly banal: it contained information about the date, 6/10/1914, and the latitude and longitude from which it was set adrift.

2 A Grapefruit Sized Eyeball

With some 1,200 miles of coastline, peninsular Florida certainly does get its share of strange things washed up on its beaches. And a mysterious, gigantic eyeball that was found on Florida’s Pompano beach in 2012 was no exception. Initial speculation was that the eyeball had come from a large fish, perhaps a giant tuna or swordfish. But its size and its relatively good condition ultimately lead scientists to believe the eye belonged to a giant squid, as the eyes of these elusive creatures sit in soft tissue and can be dislodged with relative ease. If correct, the squid in question would have been relatively young, as their eyes can grow to more than ten inches in diameter!

1 A Giant Lego Man

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In late October, 2011, a strange body was found washed up on a beach in Florida. The most notably strange things about the body in question are that it was eight feet tall and was in fact a giant fiberglass Lego man. The iconic bucket-shaped yellow head and claw-like hands were there, as was a cryptic message printed in block letters on Mr. Lego’s trapezoidal chest which read “NO REAL THAN YOU ARE.” This strange, grammatically challenged piece of flotsam was eventually tracked back to an eccentric Dutch artist named Ego Leonard.

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