The Top 5 Romantic Ways to Propose

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Don’t put her engagement ring in a champagne flute. Seriously, just don’t. You might have seen that as a romantic gesture in movies, but think of the choking hazards involved. Since you’re probably looking for an enthusiastic “Yes!” rather than a pathetic glance, choose a more romantic and effective way to propose.

5 Romantic Gestures

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Fill your house with bouquets of flowers, sprinkle rose petals on the floor or create a display featuring pictures of the two of you together over the years. Even better, do all of the above. Gestures like these show you care and that you are just as smitten with her as she hopefully is with you. If you think it through and follow your intuition, you’ll be creating a new picture-worthy moment in no time.

4 Getaway

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Take your woman on a trip, either packing a surprise picnic lunch for a local adventure, or packing your suitcases for an overnight getaway. Taking her away is a romantic gesture that will let her relax and focus on the two of you. Think about going to a beach, on a balloon or helicopter adventure or on a private boat ride to bring even more passion and excitement to the experience. Propose at the most intimate or awe-inspiring moment.

3 Love Letter

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If the thought of singing sends you into uncontrollable shock, express yourself through writing instead. Craft a special poem or love letter, pouring out your heart about why you love her and want to be with her forever. Print it out on nice presentation paper, and frame it for more impact. Even better, have it printed in the local paper, too, as a classified or display ad.

2 Sing It


Whether you’re a good singer or not, your girl will love your bravado if you sing a proposal to her—especially in front of other people. Think of movies like “The Wedding Singer” and “10 Things I Hate About You”—this type of move always results in tears of joy combined with heartfelt laughter. Do it at a bowling alley, nightclub or karaoke bar. As long as you have the mic, and the whole room’s attention, there’s no way she’ll turn you down.

1 Recreate First Date

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Women are very sentimental. You might not understand it, but you need to believe it. If you recreate your first date, she will be swooning long before the ring ever comes out. It doesn’t even matter how bad the date was the first time around—you can either play up on the awkwardness and misadventures, or recreate it in a new and better way to represent a fresh start to your relationship. Either way, you’re tapping in to the reasons she fell in love, and she’s going to appreciate you more than you can ever imagine.

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