The Top 5 Reasons to Stay Single

The theory is that we weren't meant to be alone, that somewhere in the world is a mate for all of us. So like good little elves, we dutifully spend o
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The theory is that we weren’t meant to be alone, that somewhere in the world is a mate for all of us. So like good little elves, we dutifully spend our lives looking for that person, often making hair-raising mistakes along the way. When one of us decides to intentionally stay single, society gets into a proverbial panic and goes into overdrive to hook us up. If you want some good reasons to stay single, we can give you some.

5 Forget House Cleaning

It’s a fact that a single person doesn’t need as clean an abode as a couple does. Granted, it’s also a fact that one person messes less than two people do, but somehow when you’re in a relationship of any genre, having a clean home seems to double in importance. You have dishes to wash, dusting to do, floors to clean—when you’re alone, somehow none of that matters. The universe opens up to you with far more important activities to take part in.

4 Be More Spontaneous

Happiness is never having to ask anyone’s permission. When you’re single, you can accept a last-minute invitation to that art gallery opening or dinner with friends, without having to worry about whatever plans your significant other might have. Seize the moment to do the things you’ve always wanted to—taking a flight in a hot air balloon, staying out partying with friends until sunrise or booking a weekend trip to the Rocky Mountains as the whim takes you. You’ll never have to apologize, either.

3 Sleep When You Feel Like It

All of us have quirks and foibles that others find irritating. Staying single frees you up from this problem. So you’re a night owl who enjoys watching old movies until 4 in the morning, then sleeping until noon? When you’re single, you can do so without having to deal with your lover wondering why you’re “depressed” because you’re awake, sobbing and eating ice cream from the container while you watch “Casablanca” in the wee hours for the thousandth time.

2 Have a Better Career

You might not have more actual money, because funding a single lifestyle on one income can be pricey, but you’ll definitely move up in the ranks faster on your own. For one thing, you can work late without getting into trouble at home. For another, you don’t need your partner’s approval to join your boss and colleagues for a drink or three after work, which is a great way of integrating into the team. Wipe those arguments out of your life and get on with climbing the corporate ladder instead.

1 Stay Thinner and Fitter

Dude, it’s true. Relationships are fattening—and unhealthy! Haven’t you always heard married men complain that their wives’ cooking is making them fat? And the first thing women do when they get into a relationship is put up the pounds. Whether it’s because they’re cooking—and eating—more, or just because they’re too busy spending time with the new lover to go to the gym, the fact is that single people are trimmer, fitter and generally healthier. Keep yourself in great shape and you’ll keep them knocking at the door.