The Top 5 Reasons Tim Tebow Isn’t NFL Material

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Tim Tebow has made news ever since he entered the National Football League. He’s nabbed tons of fans and just as many critics. Tebow’s fans say he’s a proven winner who inspires teammates to perform their best. Critics say he can’t throw and can’t make it as an NFL quarterback. Our view? Here are five reasons why we think Tim Tebow isn’t NFL material.

5 He’s a Lot of Work

Tebow can’t succeed in a traditional NFL offense. He simply doesn’t complete enough of his passes. Any team that names him as its quarterback, then, will have to revamp its offense to fit Tebow’s unique skill set. This is asking a lot of an offensive coordinator and head coach. When Tebow helped the Denver Broncos make the playoffs in the 2011-12 season, he benefited from a great running game and a defense that played better than its talent. The Broncos did not rely on Tebow’s passing to win them games.

4 Decision-Making

Others point to Tebow’s poor decision-making under pressure. He often holds the ball too long. Other times he tries to run even when receivers are open down the field. Still other times, he’ll rush to throw a ball out of bounds when, with a bit of patience, he might have been able to buy time to allow a receiver to break free of coverage.

3 Inconsistency

Tebow supporters point to a January 2012 playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game, Tebow, playing for the Denver Broncos, hit receiver Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown pass on the first play of overtime. That gave the Broncos a 29-23 win. But in his next game, a playoff battle against the New England Patriots, Tebow’s Broncos were demolished 45-10 as Tebow completed just nine out of 26 passes for 136 yards, an abysmal performance. And that’s another of Tebow’s problems. He’s inconsistent. He might hit that big play. Or he might complete just six passes in three quarters. You never know.

2 Throwing Motion

Tebow has a strange throwing motion. This might be the reason behind his accuracy problems. The best quarterbacks release their passes quickly: Think of Joe Montana, John Elway or Dan Marino. Their passes zipped out of their hands before defensive linemen had a chance to pressure them. Tebow’s strange throwing motion, though, means he takes longer to release the ball. This gives defensive backs more time to cover receivers and defensive linemen more time to bat down his passes or pressure him into a bad throw.

1 Accuracy

The biggest reason why Tebow isn’t an NFL-ready quarterback? Too few of his throws find receivers. Too many find the ground. Accuracy is the most important trait of a quarterback, and Tebow doesn’t have it. The stats back this up: Tebow’s completion percentage was an awful 47.9 percent after three seasons. That doesn’t cut it in the pros.

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