Heather Dubrow: The Top 5 Peak Experiences in My Life So Far

She might be one of the newest faces on “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” but Heather Dubrow is no stranger to the camera. Now, in her second season on the show, Heather has won audiences over with her ‘tell it like it is’ attitude. Labeled “Miss Fancy Pants” by some of her co-stars, for her love of champagne and her ladylike ways, Heather proved that you can be a great mother, wife and career woman. Born and raised in New York, Heather received a bachelor in fine arts degree from Syracuse University and then pursued acting. Before joining the RHOC cast, Heather appeared in numerous hit TV sitcoms, including “That’s Life.”

5 Singing “New York, New York” at Carnegie Hall with Jenny McCarthy at the NBC Upfronts in NY.

“I had always dreamed of singing at Carnegie Hall, but who knew it would happen like this! Being on the show ‘Jenny’ as Jenny McCarthy’s costar was one of the most fun jobs I have ever had. Jenny is one of the nicest, funniest, most generous people I have ever met. Singing on that stage and joking around with Jenny as we presented the show to the advertising community was a major highlight! Jenny and I are still close friends today 🙂

And the best is yet to come…”

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4 Seeing Billboards Go Up All over L.A. for My CBS Show “That’s Life”

“Landing the lead role of Lydia DeLucca in the CBS drama series ‘That’s Life’ was an amazing and surreal experience. Working alongside Paul Sorvino, Ellen Burstyn, Kevin Dillon and Debi Mazar was daunting and incredibly exciting. The producers called me the night the billboards were going up and Terry and I drove around LA looking at my face. So huge for a role I was so blessed to play.”

3 Being Crowned “Miss Greater Syracuse” for the Miss America Pageant

“When I was a junior at Syracuse University I entered and won the Greater Miss Syracuse Pageant. It was the local title in the Miss America Pageant series. So many friends and all of my sorority sisters from Sigma Delta Tau were there and cheering me on. My family flew in from NY and I sang ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’ for the talent portion. I competed at the Miss New York state pageant and walked away with Miss Congeniality. So, in essence, I was the nicest girl in NY for a whole year!”

2 The Births of My 4 Children

“There is no more special moment than when you hold your new baby for the first time. We are so blessed to have our 9-year-old twins Max (girl) and Nicky (boy), 6-year-old Katarina (girl) and 2-year-old Collette (girl). The first three were conceived using IVF because of unexplained infertility. We were so grateful that option was available to us! Just when we thought we were out of diapers and baby stages we had our little miracle fourth child. Conceived the old fashioned way! What a beautiful surprise!”

1 Marrying Dr. Terry Dubrow, the Love of My Life

“We were married 14 years ago at The Beverly Hills Hotel. I sang the song ‘Home’ by Randy Newman during the ceremony as a surprise to Terry. Surrounded by many friends and family we danced all night and left the next morning for a beautiful honeymoon in Italy. The wedding was featured in InStyle magazine.”

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