The Top 5 Most Ostentatious Private Boats

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For many a well-to-do family, owning a private boat is the ultimate sign of success. But those who take pride in that 42-foot cabin cruiser docked over in the local marina? They might as well be adrift in a rubber dinghy when their vessel is compared to the most amazing, ridiculously lavish and unbelievably massive private ships plying the high seas today. Some of these boats are larger than most Navy ships, and cost more to build and appoint than the entire annual GDP of multiple countries.

5 B-307 Plane-Boat

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What’s the best way to recycle a massive, four-engine airplane? Why, turn it into a houseboat, of course! And that’s exactly what a Florida millionaire named Kenneth London did, using a Boeing B-307 Stratoliner that had once belonged to none other than aircraft design visionary Howard Hughes. London had the cockpit and much of the massive plane’s fuselage converted into a houseboat. The plane-boat has seen several subsequent owners, and at last check bore the questionable name Cosmic Muffin.

4 Private Submarine

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Private submersible vehicles are hardly anything new; indeed the well-heeled, yacht-owning set have long enjoyed suspending private submersible vessels from the backs of their fancy boats. But today several companies are marketing designs for subs that are a far cry from little two-seat vessels meant to skim along just under the surface. Enter the Phoenix 100, an as-yet unconstructed but fully designed private submarine more than 200 feet in length. The vessel is fully customizable, and plans even include a mini submarine that docks on the mother ship.

3 The World’s Finest Sailing Yacht

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The Maltese Falcon is far and away the most amazing sailboat on the seas today. At 288 feet in length, this boat is just a tad shorter than a football field. And with a top speed of 20 knots, it’s fast by any large ship’s standards. Launched in 2006, the yacht cost somewhere around a quarter of a billion dollars to build, but the man who commissioned the boat, Tom Perkins, never revealed the precise price tag.

2 The World’s Most Expensive Boat

The most expensive yacht in the world is far from the planet’s biggest; in fact, at around 90 feet in length, it’s rather small in the world of super-luxe boating. But the price tag of this vessel, the History Supreme, comes not from its size, but rather from the fact that it was built using some 200,000 lbs. of gold and platinum! The boat cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $4.5 billion. Oh, and yes, it does feature a sculpture made out of Tyrannosaurus Rex bones.

1 The Biggest Private Boat on Earth

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To find a larger vessel than the super yacht Azzam, you need to look to a supertanker or aircraft carrier. The Azzam is more than 550 feet long, bigger than a U.S. Navy destroyer. Yet it can still reach more than 30 knots! The ship was launched earlier this year after being constructed in fewer than three years by the German shipbuilding company Lurssen. It is likely to hold its title as the world’s largest private ship for many more years than that.

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