The Top 5 Most Metrosexual Men in Hollywood

Metrosexual celebrities get a lot of flack, but really they’re just men who care about their looks. Men who dye their hair, wear wigs and attire themselves in elaborate outfits aren’t doing anything new. But today’s Hollywood metrosexuals may have their own spin, such as wearing man purses, getting manicures or having their eyebrows done. These wealthy celebs feel they owe it to their fans to look their best.

Here are top 5 metro-sexual celebrities in Hollywood

5.) Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman popularly known for playing Wolverine is also on the list of top metrosexual celebrities


Hugh Jackman is most famous for playing the burly, surly and hairy Wolverine. He’s played the role too many times really. But that is not the real Hugh Jackman. The real Hugh is the guy who played Peter Allen on Broadway in “Boy From Oz.”

It is the man who is impeccably groomed during every interview and public appearance. Jackman loves singing and eating sushi. The Aussie has metrosexual written all over his pretty face.