The Top 5 Most Believable Conspiracy Theories

Let us start by saying in no uncertain terms that we do not think any of these conspiracy theories are anything more than that: theories. And in fact, we’d probably be willing to bet a decently large chunk of money that they are in fact nothing more than rich fabrications. But unlike claims truly from the fringe (“The moon landings were fake!” or “There are no elephants in Africa!” or “Someone stole my smoothie from the break room fridge!”), these conspiracy theories are at least plausible. In fact, it’s really no wonder so many people believe them.

5 Global Warming is a Hoax, Cry Many Misled Denizens

And who can blame (some of) them, when they are fed misinformation by moneyed groups with agendas? But look at who stands to gain on either side of the issue and the truth becomes easier to perceive. On the hoax side, we have corporations, lobbying groups, and the lawmakers they support. On the other side, we have scientists. Draw your own conclusions.

4 Obama is Not a True Citizen?

That’s what a whole lot of well-funded, agenda driven asshats want you to believe. And they have managed to convince a lot of low-information, partisan folks of that “fact.” As far as we’re concerned, an official “long form” birth certificate is more than enough evidence for us the BHO is an A-OK American, but for those unable to attack the argument, just keep attacking the premise. We understand, because so many people are doing it along with you. And hey, it’s your right to be wrong, this is America.

3 JFK Was Killed By…

The Government, The Mob, The Russians and more! There are many people who would have wanted an American president killed in the early 1960s, no one is debating that. However, the facts pretty much conclude that the assassination of President Kennedy was because of one very angry, very deranged man’s actions. While theories abound as to who and what else was behind it, at some point, fifty years after his death and no closer to other answers, we need to start accepting that, as usual, the simplest answer is likely the correct one.

2 The Government Puts Chemicals in the Water Supply!

From the fringe, you will hear reports of the “government” (it’s rarely clear if this means the CIA, the military, the comptroller, etc.) puts chemicals in the water with nefarious intent. That part is not true. But it is true that “they” do put chemicals in the water, most notably fluoride, which, at the level used in most municipal water supplies can do little more than help strengthen your teeth.

1 Alien Visitations

Taken as a whole, from Roswell to Kecksburg to Cando, the canon of reported alien visitations is filled with multiple plausible reports of aliens landing. Given the immense size of the universe, it is implausible that intelligent life exists nowhere but here, and it is totally possible (i.e. well within the range of physics and probability) that we could be visited by “aliens.” We haven’t yet, that we can prove, but it absolutely could happen.

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