The Top 5 Hottest Real-Life Princesses

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Western culture loves its celebrities: they can be both aspirational, setting a benchmark for style and grace, or a they can be source of derisive relief as we mock their foibles. Today, the most prominent celebrities are movie and television stars, but there is still plenty room in our society for the adoration of the original celebrities—royalty. And what more iconic royal figure is there than the princess? Every little girl dreams of growing up to be a princess, while young men dream of one day winning a princess’s heart. Especially a hot one. Here to excite/frustrate your fantasies of one day winning that fair, royal hand are five real princesses who are really easy on the eyes.

5 Charlene, Princess of Monaco

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What is it about statuesque blonde former Olympic swimmers that attract men of royal blood? Perhaps, we will never know, but nonetheless, something drew Albert II, Prince of Monaco to her. And it surely had nothing to do with her being 20 years his junior. Charlene Lynette Wittstock won plural races as a competitive swimmer, both in her native South Africa and around the world, but never managed to medal in any Olympics.

4 Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg

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Get ready for a mouthful of a name… this young royal’s full name is Alexandra Jose´phine Teresa Charlotte Marie Wilhelmine of the House of Bourbon-Parma. She is supposedly related to almost every other living member of any European royal family. And she’s pretty hot, too. Princess Alexandra is still working on her education, much of which she has undertaken in the United States, and is an avid sports enthusiast. What she’ll do once she has blossomed into a fully grown woman, we can only guess, but we’re assuming the paparazzi will be there to keep us informed.

3 Charlotte Casiraghi, Princess of Monaco

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When your grandmother is Grace Kelly, chances are you’re going to turn out looking pretty damn fine. And that’s just what happened to Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, a stunner who is fourth in line to the throne of Monaco. She is also, therefore, not exactly what you would call poor. Princess Casiraghi splits her time between “official duties” such as overseeing equestrian events, journalism and an active social life, much of which involves flashing sultry looks at cameras.

2 Kate Middleton

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Ok, so yes, technically Catherine Middleton became the Duchess of Cambridge upon marrying Prince William, and she does not technically have the title “princess.” But if Kate Middleton can’t be called a princess, then no one can. And we don’t even mean that derisively! She rose from comfortable but common roots to be one of the most famous women alive, and mother to the heir to the British throne! And she has also managed to maintain a sense of poise and elegance without losing the humility we like to see in our royalty (yes, we’re looking at you, Henry VIII).

1 Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco

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Even three decades after her death, Grace Kelly still holds the honor of being the hottest princess of all time. She was a great actress, a refined woman of, well, grace, and damn was she fine. And if you can find another princess, stunningly beautiful or not, who won an Academy Award for acting, then you give us a call. But for now, Princess Grace reigns supreme.

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