The Top 5 Hilarious but Harmless Pranks

For those of you who have been on this Internet thing for the past few years, you may have witnessed a slowly growing phenomenon known as the “prank video” or simply “pranking.” The thing is, many of these pranks are not so much amusing as they are rife with potential for grievous bodily harm, irreparable damage to personal property and/or a wellspring of protracted shame. In the classic sense of the word, throwing a giant rubber ball at someone’s face? That’s not a prank. Spreading a slippery substance, such as butter, on a hard-surfaced floor so that someone falls over? Not a prank. Shaving someone’s eyebrows? Just kind of dick, really. Let’s get back to the classic, harmless (or less harmful) pranks handed down to us across the years, shall we?

5 “Super Glue Coin”

If you’re super bored one day and you have a quarter (or a Sacagawea dollar, why be so cheap?) and some glue, just phone it in with one of the oldest tricks in the book. A coin glued to a sidewalk will give you cheap thrills for hours on end. Or maybe one hour. Or probably at least six or seven minutes.

4 “Print Screen”

Here’s a quick one for the office-bound folks: Wait until your coworker goes for coffee/lunch/crying in the bathroom, then hop on their computer. Go to the desktop. Hit “Print Screen” and then save the image as a JPEG or GIF. Now open said image to a full-screen view and then hurry back to your desk. When they return, they’ll not realize they’re clicking on a picture and will think their computer has frozen! Stop them before they unleash years of pent up rage and destroy it, if you can.

3 “Prank Calls”

Complex prank calls are still hilarious. There’s no need to call someone up and simply hurl expletives at them, no! Not when you instead call two people at the same time, briefly impersonate each, and then conference the two lines together. Then sit back and listen in as hilarity ensues. This prank has had wildly successful results when two or more people who are less than masters of the English language are unwittingly put in touch.

2 “Short Sheet”

“Short sheet” the bed. This is a timeless, classic prank that can be confusing, amusing and won’t end up with anyone heading off to the ER or courthouse. It also couldn’t be much simpler. All you do is follow three steps: 1) Take the “flat” sheet and tuck it under the head of the mattress (under the pillows). 2) Fold the flat sheet approximately in half, with one edge, apparently the regular “top” of the sheet, neatly in place where it would be if the bed were made properly. 3) Cackle with glee as your victim slides into bed, only to realize they can only get halfway in!

1 “Cup on the Ceiling”

The old “cup on the ceiling” prank gets people every time. First you challenge someone to a balance contest (or some other rouse, it doesn’t matter how you get them into this position) wherein they will hold a cup full of water pinned to the ceiling with a broom handle while standing on one foot. Hop up on a chair and help them get the cup squeezed between the ceiling and the shaft of the broom … then walk away, leaving them either stuck or soaked! (Pro tip: what you put in the cup has a lot of bearing on this prank.)

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