The Top 5 Conversation-Starting Cocktails

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If you’re out on a first date and about to order the first round of drinks, don’t miss the opportunity to order something that will both taste great and serve as a fine conversation piece. The right cocktail can provide an occasion for shared reminiscences (who doesn’t have a funny story about “the time they had too many of those!”), it can allow you to show off knowledge you have about a certain drink’s history or mixology (think: “the king of Poland use to love this stuff!”), or the right drink can simply demonstrate that you’re a fun-loving, dynamic person (for example: “let’s do shots of cheap whiskey!”).

5 The Martini

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This cocktail is both classic and contemporary, and you can learn much from how a person orders their martinis, and also display a fair amount about yourself. If you’re a purist, and prefer a gin martini with just a hint of sweet vermouth and an olive or two, this is your chance to show off your refined side. If you prefer a bit more laidback fun (or you assume your date might) why not order up some chocolate or lemon drop martinis? Added bonus: martinis are about the strongest cocktail you order, thus a fine social lubricant.

4 The Margarita

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If there is one drink that most every drinker has a story about, it is the margarita. From Friday afternoon workplace faux pas to happy hour hijinks on a Margarita Monday to crazy college parties, this salty, sweet and potentially dangerous beverage always leads to fun times, often followed by wretched hangovers. But before the morning’s headache has set in, sharing a few 24 ounce margaritas is a great way to break the ice regardless of whether you prefer your margarita frozen or on the rocks.

3 The Daiquiri

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A daiquiri is one of the quintessential classic cocktails, and is in fact quite easy to make. If you are entertaining a special guest (or having a party, it doesn’t have to be romance all the time, we suppose), serving daiquiris is a great way to appear a refined and classy mixologist while actually using a mere three ingredients, if you don’t count the ice. Get some decent rum, some fresh lime juice and some simple syrup (yeah, that’s just sugar water), shake ‘em up, and you have a potent yet delicious cocktail that’s sure to impress.

2 The Zombie

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OK, granted this drink isn’t wildly popular with circles of older adults (meaning people much over the age of 25), but it is one of the finest conversational cocktail around. Why? First, it is almost always served in a huge glass. Second, it is strong as hell, yet remarkably smooth thanks to all the sweet fruit juices used to conceal the fact that a zombie is basically just a vat filled with alcohol. So put those two factors together and you can rest assured that awkward part of the date will rush right on past, likely in a blur.

1 The Scorpion Bowl

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This boozy concoction can cut both ways: it is either the best thing you can order (an absoluter icebreaker) or else the worst thing you can select (a total deal-breaker). Placed between two compatible people, this huge bowl filled with booze and juice and served with a straw on either side pretty much guarantees chemistry. Ordered in the wrong company, it will make you look both immature and wildly alcoholic. The solution to the latter issue? Grab both straws and suck away—things will be better when you wake up.

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