Who is the King of Wingy Goodness? The Best Chicken Wings Out There

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Chicken wings! Never before has so much flavor been packed into such a small, maddeningly messy food. Never has so much work been required to extract so little meat! But you know it’s worth it. I mean, we’re talking about chicken wings! And listen up, folks: we don’t mean your garden variety chicken strips or kickers or popcorn or any extruded blaspheme of culinary wretchedness. We mean chicken wings. Bone in, flavor-full, right on wings.
Leaving aside the fact that the best chicken wings are best enjoyed alone in a dark room with a bucket of tepid water to one side of your plate and a stack of napkins on the other and let’s just pretend that messiness is not a factor. We’re going to rate today’s wing providers on the merits of their fine foodstuffs, and not look at the negatives associated with these fine appetizers. (Or hell, make them the main course, why not?)

5 Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant chain comes in last, but hey, it’s still in the top 5. It is last because while their wings are pretty damn good, we don’t like to be bombarded with countless sports games and drunken sports fans every time we want to eat the hell out of some wings, and that’s kind of the shtick at these places. But, that said… they got some good wings, and it is nice to be able to drink beer along with them (yes, T.G.I.Friday’s also offers beer and other drinks, too) and if you are a huge sports fan type, then this is the spot for you out of all the others herein covered!

4 T.G.I. Friday’s

T.G.I.Friday’s is today’s lists only “real” restaurant, in that most folks who eat their food do it in their brick-and-mortar locations, and not on their own couches. Frankly, we think chicken wings are made to be eaten on couches. But we also know good wings when we see them (and eat them) and Friday’s has good wings. They lose points on price and on convenience (we’re being fabulously lazy, we know) in that you have to actually go to the restaurant to chow down, but hey, you could always call ahead, place an order and pick it up – just make some excuse about a gas leak you have to attend to and cancel your reservation if you’re embarrassed! Or you could try their variety of frozen cook-at-home foods, but we’re not going to say peep about those.

3 Wingstop

Wingstop lands in the #3 spot because Troy Aikman can’t be wrong, right? They’re not as big on the whole delivery thing, which is big for us, thus the lower scores for wings that are arguably better than those from Wing Zone, and rather inarguably better than Wing Streets (which are usually quite good, but beware inconsistency!). The food here, from the wings to the sides, definitely does seem a bit fresher than that from the deliver spots listed above.

2 Pizza Hut

Now, if you don’t live in a Wing Zone delivery area, we are pretty confident that you do live within the orbit of Pizza Hut’s other shingle, Wing Street. Wing Street’s (really we could just say Pizza Hut’s, same company entirely) wings are not quite as good as Wing Zone’s, and you can only get 9 flavors and 3 dipping sauces, but we gave them high marks nonetheless because if you live in a town with a population of more than a few thousand souls, the chances are decent that you could be eating some Wing Street wings within about 45 minutes of now.

1 Wing Zone

Wing Zone wins for two reasons: they have great chicken wings, and they will deliver said chicken wings to your door (provided you first call or go online and ask them to do as such, and pay upon said delivery). Now, not every American is going to be lucky enough to live within the delivery sphere of a Wing Zone, but if you do, get ready for up to 15 varieties of chicken wing, from the decidedly mild to the decidedly “Don’t touch your eyes after eating this hot wing or you will pray for death” spicy.

Now off you go, friends! May your chins and cheeks soon be slathered with sauce and grease, your eyes tearing up from the spice, and your napkins all mashed into little balls! Drink some milk if the heat gets to be too much, it helps. Believe us, we know.

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