The Top 5 Biggest Wheels on Earth

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The wheel is one of the simplest yet most important inventions of all time. Along with the other so-called “simple machines” (the pulley, the lever, the screw, the wedge and the inclined plane, in case you were wondering), the wheel has helped to build empires, transport whole civilizations and made it possible for you and your Chevy Impala to roll over to Joe’s Liquor Mart for a case of Pabst. From the earliest days of human civilization some 6,000 years ago, the wheel has been a part of our lives, making everything from farming to travel to warfare more efficient. In the modern era, there are more types of – and uses for – wheels than ever, and some of today’s wheels are goddamned huge!

5 The Biggest Roller Skate Wheels Ever

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For some people (and not many, mind you), it’s not enough just to look like a dweeb rolling around on a set of roller skates. No, some people need to achieve that full-on jackass look and strap on roller skates with wheels the size of car tires. Enter the Chariot Skates, a set of huge, slender wheels that can be strapped to the feet and knees of anyone who wants to smoothly roll along looking about as cool as a bad case of chicken pox!

4 The World’s Biggest Ferris Wheel

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Not all wheels are attached to vehicles, you know. Some wheels are essentially the vehicles themselves! And in the case of the Dubai Eye, that is going to take the shape of a Ferris wheel (or rather an “observation wheel,” as they call it) that will tower some 690 feet in the air! That’s enough to make acrophobes everywhere tremble in their boots just thinking about it, and the thing hasn’t even been completed yet.

3 The Largest Tire Money Can Buy

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If you want to buy a 59/80R63 XDR tire for your massive dump truck (meaning your Cat 797, the world’s largest dump truck), then you’re going to need around $43,000. Per tire. And the truck these babies sit under takes a set of six. This $43k tire is more than 13 feet tall and weighs in at nearly 12,000 lbs., though, so it makes sense that it costs more than a spare for the family minivan.

2 The First Monster Truck

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Aptly named Bigfoot, the world’s first “monster truck” was created in 1979 by huge wheel enthusiast Bob Chandler. Chandler used a Ford F-150 truck as the base for his strange new vehicle, to which he attached a whole new chassis capable of sporting Bigfoot’s 6-foot-tall tires. While today many monster trucks sit atop tires more than 10 feet in diameter, Bigfoot launched the entire monster truck phenomenon, and to it goes the top honors.

1 The Biggest Wheels Ever Put on a Car

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As we don’t think the folks behind the Guinness Book of World Records bother with certifying car wheel sizes, you’re going to have to take this one on faith. For our money, the biggest functional wheels ever fitted onto a car are a set of 50-inchers attached to an Oldsmobile Cutlass. Granted, the car looks ready to fall over with the gentlest push, but hey, record set.

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