‘The Show with Vinny’ on MTV: Top 5 Things You Need to Know From Creator SallyAnn Salsano

Courtesy of SallyAnn Salsano
Think you know all there is to know about “Jersey Shore’s” Vinny Guadagnino? Think again. With his new MTV series “The Show with Vinny,” which premieres May 2, the reality star gives his fans (and all the stars who stop by) an in-depth look at his (and his family’s) personality. And SallyAnn Salsano, the mastermind creator of “Vinny” and “Jersey Shore,” shared her favorite juicy details.

5 Everyone Loves Vinny’s Mom’s Cooking

No one who enters Guadagnino’s house gets out without a plate of home-cooked food from his mom Paola—as well as a doggy bag of leftovers after filming.

“When Lil Wayne was in the house doing the interview, you’d hear all this noise in the kitchen,” Salsano said. “You’d point the camera and it’s like his whole posse and security were in the kitchen raiding Vinny’s mom’s fridge. And she was like ‘oh honey. Let me make you a sandwich. Don’t eat that. I’ve got something better.’”

4 It’s a Mutual Adoration Society

Famous people like “Jersey Shore,” too—so much so that they’ll share their favorite moments with Guadagnino.

“You think that you’re the superfans, but when these guys come on the show and quote ‘Jersey Shore’ to Vinny, it’s kind of great,” Salsano said. “Even Mark Wahlberg is like ‘yeah, I watch’.”

3 Guests Aren’t Your Normal “Celebrities”

It’s fitting that a guy who became famous for doing a reality show wouldn’t just limit his TV show guests to actors and musicians. In addition to Lil’ Wayne and Mark Wahlberg (whom Guadagnino’s uncle keeps insisting plays a teddy bear), Internet celebrities like Jenna Marbles come by Guadagnino’s Staten Island abode.

“It’s kind of like who’s relevant, who are we talking about,” Salsano said. “Jenna Marbles is huge. People love her. She came on and her and Vinny made a video… she does all these videos making fun of Snooki, so they end up calling Snooki.”

2 Lots of Family Time

Guadagnino isn’t the only one who gets to talk to the guests. His mother, sisters and uncle are all pivotal parts of the show—be it his uncle not realizing that LMFAO’s Redfoo is Berry Gordy’s son or his sister sharing his most embarrassing stories.

“That family dynamic is not something you can recreate,” Salsano said. “Even if we were not there, this is how they relate to each other.”

1 This is Not Your Momma’s Talk Show

Sure, there are a lot of talk shows out there. But when Guadagnino is a host, he hosts—as in at his house.

“We all grew up watching talk shows,” Salsano said. “And you know what you’re getting. The celebs are going on there and they’re hawking their stuff… in this case, I think the celebrities are in an environment that is so disarming that every interview feels completely different.”

She said there will be fun stunts, à la “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” or “Ellen,” but, well, none of that is planned.

“The celebrities show up and are like um, is this where the show is?” she said.

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