The Purr-fect Distraction: the 5 Funniest Cats on the Internet

What awesome list have we prepared for you meow? Well, you know what they say about curiosity… It gets results! I mean, you don't really have any recourse
What awesome list have we prepared for you meow? Well, you know what they say about curiosity… It gets results! I mean, you don’t really have any recourse when you’re granted nine lives, right? Whether they’re plodding along a keyboard, getting trapped in takeout bags or just napping on our faces, cats have replaced ninjas as the internet’s number one pastime (excluding boobies, of course). Even when we should tending to our responsibilities, we find ourselves taking little kitty breaks to fawn and guffaw at these precocious little furballs. So, we cut out the middleman (i.e. work) to compile our list of the Top 5 Funniest Cats on the Interwebz.

5 Piano Cat

Piano Cat (aka Nora) seems like a savant without the breath taking talent. Then again, everyone lauded John Cale for doing essentially the same thing some forty years ago on “I Wanna Be Your Dog.” Like Cale, Piano Cat is an avant-garde performer tragically ahead of his time, who will no doubt be recognized as a genius by future generations. For instance, name another famous pianist currently playing with the side of his or her face. Piano Cat. He stands alone.

4 Stalking Cat

As adorable as cats are from moment to moment, it’s hard to shake the lurking notion that your cat wants nothing more than you eat you and use the sash on your bathrobe as his own personal plaything. Well, more so, at any rate. Stalking Cat confirms these fears very vividly. Blink, and Stalking Cat may eat your soul. Or more. Or maybe he just wants to play. And then eat you.

3 Nyan Cat

Nyan Cat defies easy explanation, though his definition is very straightforward: he’s a flying cat made out of Pop-Tarts that excretes a never-ending rainbow. Yes, it sounds like a Salvador Dali painting. The absurdity, naturally, is not lost on the interwebz. Quite the contrary. There seems to be a Nyan Cat for every nationality, musical genre and college major. There are Nyan Cat video games and fan art forums. There’s a ten-hour version of Nyan Cat, which has been watched 21 million times. Those must have made for some great stony afternoons.

2 Maru

A most magical cat (since all fat cats are inherently magical (it’s in the Bible)), Maru lives for one thing other than eating: diving into boxes. His rotund barreling is certainly relatable. After all, how often do parents tell a story of one child or another, who receives an overly expensive toy for Christmas, merely to play with the box that it came in? At least someone is always running the camera on Maru. Maybe that will keep our folks from embarrassing us for a little over a minute at a stretch. See: pure magic. Praise Maru!

1 Grumpy Cat (a.k.a. Tardar Sauce)

His expression really says it all. But heck, you’d probably also be pissed all the time if your name was Tard (and our condolences if that really is your name. You’ve earned that face.) The web’s least agreeable cat might make you feel a little bit better about the day that you’re having. Especially if you’re in the back row of a biology lecture “taking notes.” And since Grumpy Cat (unlike other cats on this list) is entirely based off of Tumblr, the only sounds your professor will hear are you cackling in the back of the room.