The Obama White House Takes the One-Two-Three-Four Punch!

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There’s no day one can expect to be all that easy once they’ve gotten themselves elected President of the United States of America (except some days spent chopping wood on Texas, maybe). But recently Obama and his administration have had a few days where things have seemed particularly trying. It has seemed like nothing is going right for the POTUS, and that attacks against him and his administration are coming from all sides. Why? Because at least as of last week, almost nothing was going right for the POTUS and attacks were coming from all sides. But mostly from the right side, actually. Here are a few reasons it has been a rough month for Mr. O.

5 Give the Guy a Break

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And to top off the mid-May melee between the White House and the Everyone Else, now people are going after the “face” of the Obama administration, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. The Washington Post recently put together a slideshow of Mr. Carney’s saddest faces, with captions ranging from “Sadness” to “Troubled.” He’s just trying to answer your damn questions, you monsters!
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4 Taxed Enough Already or Not?

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People do not love the IRS because people do not love taxes. People on the right tend to hate taxes, in fact. And people who self-identify as Tea Party members so hate taxes (and so little dislike stupid political party names, as much as that is even a real party) and the IRS that you could almost taste the rage in the air when it came out last week that the IRS had been focusing special attention on auditing groups it perceived as especially conservative.
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3 We’ve Got News for YOU, AP

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Despite that fact that for most of the years of the Bush Administration, Dick Cheney was actively hiding in your very own garbage can, going through your mail and finishing off your sandwiches, people are outraged over the revelation that the Justice Department has secretly obtained a number of phone records of AP reporters. Don’t get us wrong, this seems like an overreach of governmental authority and a compromise to privacy, but let’s keep it in perspective: the JD had reason to believe a major leak of highly sensitive information had taken place. This was not a fishing expedition nor was it intimidation.
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2 Fast and Furious and Not Going Away

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The heat is seriously turned up on Attorney General Eric Holder right now. On top of the AP phone records debacle, he is still being dogged by rancorous criticism over the DOJ’s flawed handling of the “Fast and Furious” operation in which guns meant to be tracked to criminal organizations were instead lost and simply armed criminals. Now it has come out that the AG’s office may have retaliated unfairly against the “whistleblower” who revealed the botched operation. All that heat focused on the AG is making things that much hotter for the CINC, too.
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1 What Happens in Libya Doesn’t Stay in Libya

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The furor over the attacks on America’s consulate in Benghazi last summer was created by and is sustained by partisan right-wingers, those are the facts. Had a Republican occupied the house when the attacks occurred, likely Dems would be up in arms as well, though. While it is a shame to see American deaths spun into a critical larger narrative about an administration, the White House is unlikely to see this issue go away: it’s just too soft an underbelly for people to resist.
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