The Most Unexpected, Strange Things People Saw In Hospitals


No one likes going to the hospital, even if it’s for something that doesn’t involve you, like giving your friend a ride. The atmosphere in hospitals is always stressful, no matter what time of the day it is. There is always someone in pain or very ill, who needs immediate treatment, and the doctors and nurses are always running around, trying to help as many patients as possible.

There are times when you can find some exciting, odd things at the doctor’s office or the hospital in general. Something you’d never expect to see there in the first place. Believe it or not, there’s always something that makes doctors and nurses laugh even in the middle of a busy shift, and these photos prove that working at a hospital is very entertaining sometimes!



Pizza…who doesn’t love pizza? Especially when you’re feeling ill and just want some junk food to make yourself feel better. We’ve all been there, but it’s the kids who know exactly how to get what they want.

They are quite creative when it comes to something they want really bad. This sign was spotted at a children’s hospital, asking people to order a pizza and deliver it to their room. They surely know how to stay positive even when they’re stuck inside the hospital.

Drawing Blood


It’s impossible to look at this image and not to smile. Such a cheesy joke, though most of us would love to have our blood drawn in this way instead of the traditional, painful one.  Nobody likes visiting the doctor’s office, especially when you know you will have to give blood.

It’s a very unpleasant and sometimes even painful experience. But what if instead of poking your arm with a needle and taking your blood, the doctor would draw it instead? Much better, if you ask me.

The True Hero


The nurse is the first person you see after saying, “hold my beer and watch this.” This shirt really speaks the truth! We’ve all done some stupid things after having a few shots at the bar. There’s something about alcohol that makes us feel strong and brave.

We want to show the world what we are really capable of. We’re not afraid to do anything when we’re drunk, and it’s always the nurses who see the sad outcome of that.

You Got Hooked


Did you know that even the most professional fishermen sometimes have fishing accidents? One hospital had seen so many of these kinds of outcomes that they decided to make a display out of all the hooks they removed from their patients’ bodies.

Thank god, these hooks won’t harm another fish or fisherman anymore. This display is called “People Catchers,” and we can see why. At least now they know how the fish feel…

Kill As Few Patients As Possible


This is definitely not something you want to spot on your doctor’s desk. And I wouldn’t blame you for getting up and running away after seeing this masterpiece. I know I would…You never know what kind of person you’re dealing with, and it’s especially scary realizing your doctor is not who you thought he was.

What kind of doctor needs a guide book on how not to kill their patients? Let’s hope it was just a silly joke, and no one at that hospital is actually killing their patients on purpose. But hey, at least he is trying to learn!

Eye Don’t Want to Work Today


We’ve all heard this one before. Who doesn’t love doctors’ jokes! They are usually pretty cheesy and not that funny, but we still love them.

This patient received a note from her doctor explaining that she can’t come to work today due to an eye problem because she simply cannot see herself working today. Short and straight to the point! I’d love to see the look on her boss’s face after reading this sweet little note.

Gummy Bears


Nurses have to put up with so much on a daily basis, long working hours, taking care of sick people, cleaning up vomit and diarrhea after them, dealing with rude, obnoxious people, and so much more.

These nurses decided to stay positive and name gummy bears after illnesses based on their color. For example, the dark purple gummy bear means “He dead!” and the white one is “Bled out!”. Quite creative, in my opinion.

Nice Tattoo


The doctors wrote this on a girl’s legs when she went in for a procedure. On one leg, we can clearly see “Not this leg” written with a pen, and on the other, it says, “Or this one, don’t amputate anything.”

Can you imagine waking up after surgery, and this being the first thing you see? Let’s hope that these doctors were just trying to be funny and wanted to put a smile on her face, and not actually amputate anything…

Dr. Google


Instead of going to the doctor, many of us, for some reason, decide to google our symptoms and make a diagnosis on our own. You can find plenty of tricks and tips on the Internet from people who have no idea what they are talking about, which is the biggest pet peeve for doctors.

One doctor wrote a note explaining that patients would be charged extra for annoying them with self-diagnosis gotten off the Internet.

Nice View


Cemeteries are already depressing on their own. Now, imagine having one right outside your hospital window. Someone thought building a hospital next to a cemetery would be a good idea. I feel bad for the people who have to stay at this hospital and look at this all day.

Who wants to admire the cemetery while battling an illness? This is the last thing patients want to see from the window of their hospital room, especially at night.

Laser Eyes


Sorry to break it to you, but you won’t be able to shoot lasers out of your eyes after getting laser eye surgery. One eye clinic had this funny post hung up on the wall for the patients who believe they would be able to shoot laser beams out of their eyes after getting laser.

Seeing well without having to wear contacts and glasses is a superpower that many people don’t have. So, let’s just be happy that we have perfect vision after getting laser eye surgery.

They Had One Job


Someone had one job to do –  hang a TV in the hospital’s waiting room, and this is literally what they did…Who cares about taking it out of the box, right? They did what they were asked. The job is done. The TV is on the wall.

Now patients can observe this beautiful TV hanging on the wall while waiting for their doctor’s appointment. Let’s hope whoever did this wasn’t in charge of more important tasks in the hospital.

A Smart Question


This kind of sign can be seen in many public toilets, asking patients and staff not to flush anything other than toilet paper. Some people like to play smart and ask obvious questions like this person did.

I mean, he does have a point. If we can’t flush anything other than toilet paper, then what are we supposed to do with our poop? Bring it to the doctor’s office? Nope, don’t do that.

Double Vision


Whoever said that hospital staff doesn’t know how to have fun on the job is obviously in the wrong. Just look at this! One hospital invited a face painter to come in and paint everyone’s faces, and this guy now has two sets of eyes.

He did quite a good job because I probably wouldn’t be able to tell that his face is painted. Can you imagine waking up after anesthesia and seeing this face right in front of you? Sounds like a good time!

A Positive Note


What can be worse than waiting in a long line at the hospital? The waiting rooms are full of sick, stressed people just like you. At least, many hospitals have a waiting line displayed, so you know when approximately you’ll go in.

However, being rushed into the ER is certainly worse than having to wait in the line, according to this lovely t-rex’s note. This beautiful creation was found in one of the hospitals to put a smile on people’s faces. Remember, if you have to wait in the line, you’ll be okay. You’ll live.

On A Scale From 1 to 10


Luckily, many people don’t experience pain on a daily basis, but when they do, it feels like the end of the world. While some people have high pain tolerance, others don’t. These doctors decided to make a chart to help patients identify the level of their pain.

Number 1 means it might be an itch, and there’s no need to visit the hospital. But if you feel like a bear or ninjas have mauled you, please do visit your doctor.

Maybe Read A Book


Many hospitals these days have a TV screen in the waiting room for the patients to watch the news or cartoons. It’s a good way to stay distracted and not overthink your situation, but sometimes TVs break, and in that case, you’ll see a note saying it’s “out of order” or “broken.”

So what do we do in that case? We read a book! This hospital decided to make a sassy note saying, “try reading instead.” Good idea, though!

Doctors Have Fun Too


Many people dress up on Halloween, and believe it or not; doctors do too. Because, why not, right? This doctor decided to dress up as the Joker while helping deliver babies. I can’t imagine any woman being happy with this doctor’s choice of costume, though.

Giving birth is already scary and stressful enough, she doesn’t need more spookiness. Thank god babies don’t remember their early childhood, otherwise, this would be a scarring memory.

The Game “Operation”


Children are very curious about the world. They ask thousands of questions, and we simply can’t answer all of them at once. However, this doctor had a slightly different approach on how he could teach them about medical treatments, illnesses, and surgeries.

What’s a better way of learning how surgeries work than playing “Operation”? They even wore masks and hairnets to make it more realistic. Judging by this image, the doctor is having just as much fun as the kids.

Just A Stool Sample


It looks like we’ve all been getting this one wrong. Did you know that when doctors ask us for a stool sample, they want a tiny footstool, not your number two? Well, if you didn’t know, then now you do. You’re welcome!

This is a perfect example of how your stool sample should look like. Just kidding, don’t listen to me. Doctors do need to see your number two, so please don’t put a small stool inside the cup.

This Actually Exists


Here we have a medical building called “Medical Building.” What a creative, original name it is! No, this is not a joke. This “medical building” is real, and it’s located in St. Louis, Missouri. The address is 12345 West Drive.

How creative, right? Its official name is South Country Surgical Center, but no one knows why they changed to “Medical Building” instead. Imagine someone asks you where you work, and you have to say, “at the medical building.”

It’s Not The Common Cold


When catching a sore throat or sniffle, most people decide to search the Internet in hopes of finding the cure instead of going to the doctor.

They spend weeks treating what they think is a common cold with absolutely no results, and only then, for weeks later, they decide to visit the doctor. Unfortunately, viruses can’t be cured with antibiotics, so we might as well stock up on lemon tea and take a nap.

The Monster Spray


Sometimes no matter how many times you try to explain to children that monsters aren’t real, they still don’t believe you. They think that monsters are coming to get them. So, what can we do to help them? Give them the monster spray, of course!

One girl couldn’t sleep because she was so afraid of the monsters, so her doctor found the cure. He prescribed her a “monster spray” that she had to spray around her room at night before bed, if necessary.

Urine Collection Container


Imagine asking a nurse for a cup of water and having to drink it from a cup like this? This happed to one guy who had to get his blood drawn by a nurse, and instead of a normal drinking cup, she gave him a urine collection container.

What a yummy surprise! Let’s hope that the cup was clean. Did they run out of regular cups, or was it a joke? Who knows…But drinking water from a cup like this is not pleasant, that’s for sure!

Positive Message


“A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it.” This sign was placed next to a scale at the hospital, offering some pretty good advice.

I guess it’s good to gain a few extra pounds because it means you’ll live longer and happier than the man who mentioned it to you. Who cares what they think, anyway, as long as you feel good about yourself.

A Father-To-Be


Giving birth is a stressful, painful experience and the family members sometimes have to wait for a long time to see the baby. After all, giving birth and undergoing all the checkups take quite a lot of time, no matter how easy and fast the labor is.

One father found the perfect way to keep himself busy while waiting for the birth of his daughter. He brought some Star Wars vibes into the hospital by making this memorable photo.

Dr. Hedgehog


Dr. Hedgeh got tired of people adding “og” at the end of his last name to make it sound like “Hedgehog”, so he wrote this letter asking them to quit.

It looks like it’s been going on for a while, and he’s had enough of it. And someone still added the “og” again. Not sure why he is so upset about it, because who doesn’t like hedgehogs? He might just have to get used to his new last name.

“Travel + Leisure”


Someone decided to place a “Travel + Leisure” magazine next to this crying baby as a cruel joke. Every parent knows that traveling and relaxing while raising a small baby is simply not possible. They can’t even get enough sleep between feeding the baby and changing the diapers. Who has time to travel? This is something they can only dream of! Fortunately, it only takes 18 years to raise a child. The time will go by fast!

The Woman With Ducks


One lady had an illness that required immediate treatment overnight. She didn’t want to go to the hospital because her ducks were also sick and needed medical treatment as well. One nurse noticed how stressed the woman was and allowed her to bring her ducks into her hospital room.

The other patients probably heard constant “quacks” coming from her room and couldn’t understand what was going on. Look how cute they are! How can anyone say no?

Thinking Ahead of Time


The midwives department in a hospital in Britain received this email saying they should book their annual leave in November 2015. Why? Well, the movie Fifty Shades of Grey came out nine months before.

If you’ve seen it, then you probably know that it can cause an increase in the “couple fun.” And then, boom, you’ve got a bunch of babies at once in the hospital nine months later. Who wants to work all these extra hours? Not me!

A Letter From The Doctor


One person was so worried that he would get in trouble with his boss for missing work due to a common cold, that he got his doctor to write this very personalized letter for him.

You can tell that the doctor was annoyed by his request as he said, “I have no test for the common cold and therefore believe him/her. However, you feel his time and mine should be wasted by making him sit in the walk-in clinic for hours and me spending time writing a sick note that I could be spending on people who generously need my attention.” Well, at least he/she didn’t get in trouble with the boss.

A Girl Has No Name


Usually, parents decide on the name for their child before the birth, but what if you are having a hard time picking a name for your daughter? Then, you write Arya’s favorite line, “a girl has no name” in the form.

This kid has incredibly awesome parents! Imagine calling your child, “Hey, a girl that has no name, come down to eat dinner!”. Hopefully, they did give her a proper name after that.

The Guy With A Bone


It’s not every day that you see a guy walking around with a cane made from his own hip bone. This man had a hip replacement surgery, and he asked his doctor if he can keep his hip bone as a memory.

The doctor said yes to his strange request and sent him home with his hip bone. No one had any idea why he wanted to keep his bone in the first place. He now uses his bone as a cane, which is a bit weird but cool at the same time.

Keep Calm, I’m The Doctor


For those who aren’t sure what this quote is referencing, it’s from “Doctor Who”. One doctor hung this beautiful piece of art on the wall of his office. This is the kind of doctor we all need in our lives, and he knows it.

It’s a great way to relieve any anxiety the patients might have while waiting to hear their diagnosis. Something tells me this doctor is a funny, open-minded person who genuinely wants to help his patients.

Deleting Your Browsing History


When you spend a long period of time at the hospital, you know all the doctors and nurses on a first name basis. This patient and the doctor had an inside joke about his browsing history. So, the doctor came up with a creative idea on how he can remind his patient to clear his browsing history.

He got him this lovely bracelet as a reminder to always delete whatever he was looking at online.  What was he searching for? I think it’s best if we don’t know.

Hospital Art


Hospitals often get the local schools involved in art projects, but they never know what they are going to receive from the kids. While some paintings look quite cute and harmless, others seriously make us wonder. Just look at this image!

This kid drew an aunteater “eating” his aunt after brining home what he thought was an anteater. Someone noticed this drawing on the wall and couldn’t resist taking a quick picture. Children have quite the imagination!

Not The Best Idea


While it would be nice having an office with a large glass wall to watch the outside world, we don’t want to do that during our gynecologist appointment. This chair is positioned right next to the window so that everyone outside can observe what’s happening with our private parts.

Imagine being in that chair right next to the window? I can already feel my anxiety creeping up just by looking at this image. Thank god there are some shutters. Let’s hope the doctor closes them during the examination.

Bad Hair Day


Don’t we all hate bad hair days? This image will certainly make you feel better about whatever you think might be wrong with your hair. To be honest, It’s hard to tell whether this lady needs a doctor or a hairdresser, but she surely doesn’t look happy carrying this heavy thing on her head.

This is what happens when you accidentally use a builder’s foam instead of a hair mousse. She might as well just shave it all off.

Pain Management Strategy


Let’s admit it; we’ve all done it at some point or another while suffering from pain. While it doesn’t actually help us, it indeed it makes us feel better for a moment. This person’s “pain management strategy” involves a lot of swearing, and he has a good point. Apparently, it’s been scientifically proven that swearing can help relieve pain. It helps to trigger our “fight-or-flight response. But this doesn’t mean that we should keep swearing every time we feel a little itch or pain in our body.