The Most Incredible Photos Taken By Drones


Drones allow us to capture beautiful shots from above that we would never be able to take ourselves. Drone cameras are becoming more and more advanced and powerful every year, and their sales have skyrocketed during the past couple of years. Drones are hobbyist items, and most photographers own at least one of them.

They allow us to take photos and videos from impossible, dangerous angles that would get us killed if we tried capturing it on our own. You can pretty much capture anything you want by using a drone and not worry about hurting yourself or anyone else. These beautiful pictures were taken with a drone at the most unexpected moment, and that’s what makes them so unique.

A Huge Hole In The Middle Of The City


This hole captured by a drone opened up in Guatemala City in 2010, swallowing a three-story factory. It appeared after tropical storm Agatha hit the city in 2010. The experts claim that different factors, with some of them not being natural, were the reason for this catastrophe.

The hole was around 65 feet wide and 300 feet deep. Unfortunately, holes like this one are becoming common in the city due to the lack of building zoning rules and codes.

The Giant Pink Rabbit

Show Me

As it turns out, Italy isn’t all about opera, pizza, wine, and fashion. You’d never expect to see a giant pink rabbit in one of the hills in Italy. In 2005, someone captured this shot in the Piedmont region in northern Italy.

This 20 feet tall and 200 feet-long rabbit is called Hase. The artists who created him initially assumed he would last up until the year of 2025, but unfortunately, it had decomposed by 2016.

The Air Bear


This photograph, taken by photographer Florian Ledoux, won the highest accolade at the 2017 Skypixel contest. Here, we can see a polar bear attempting to cross the ice cap in the Antarctic. Global warming is severely impacting Earth, and this image clearly demonstrates this.

Ledoux is hoping that his image will bring people’s attention to global warming and help develop new solutions so that we can enjoy and admire natural wonders like this in the future.

Creepy Clown


Four years ago, Canada and the United States saw a strange spike in the number of clown sightings without any explanation. This scary image was captured by a drone in Huntsville, Alabama, in which we can see a creepy-looking clown in a field looking straight into the camera.

Some people believe this photo was staged; however, there have been plenty of similar shots captured by people in other countries as well. The clown trend became so huge that even McDonald’s decided not to use their clown mascot anymore.

Three-Meter-Long Crocodile


This giant crocodile was captured by a drone near the island of Phuket in Thailand. Nile crocodiles are extremely dangerous and usually strike and attack without any warning. They kill many people in Southeast Asia and Africa every year.

The crocodile in this picture escaped from a nearby crocodile farm located next to a seaside resort. Why would someone construct a crocodile farm in an area like this? It’s a questionable decision. Let’s hope it didn’t injure or kill anyone.

“The Boneyard”


You might be wondering where do all the fighter planes go once they are decommissioned. They get sent to “The Boneyard” located in Tucson, Arizona. It’s a storage and disposal facility for all the fighter planes.

There are about 4,000 of them, and this is how they get stored. Tucson has lower humidity than other areas, which is ideal for the planes. That way, the metal doesn’t corrode and rust.

Airplane Crash


Unfortunately, this image wasn’t photoshopped or staged in any way. In 2018, a drone captured this shot of a Pegasus Airlines Flight 8622 after it almost crashed into the sea.

The airplane was coming from Ankara and was supposed to land at Trebizond Airport, but sadly, it slipped from the runway and ended up at the dam. Luckily, the plane didn’t slide all the way down, and no one got injured.

Insane Traffic

Daily Mirror

As we all know, China has the highest population globally, with approximately 1.4 billion residents, which is why it has the worst traffic jams ever. This image captured by a drone shows a 50 lane road packed with cars from every side.

It was taken at the border of Hong Kong on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau highway during a Chinese holiday called “Golden Week.” This is the time when everyone goes home to see their families, and the traffic jams are always horrible there. It 2010, the jam lasted 12 days, allowing people to travel only one mile per day.

In Danger


The sailors in this image had no idea that there was a giant whale right behind them. Thank god it was just a whale and not a shark. Otherwise, you know how it would’ve ended. The whale followed their boat for about 15 minutes before leaving them alone.

The animal had no intention of hurting the sailors. He was mostly just curious about the boat. Still, this photo is quite impressive, considering we would never be able to admire this view if it wasn’t for the drone that took it.

The Redeemer Christ Statue


This image proves that some of the most memorable shots can only be captured with a drone. Here, we’re looking at a top-down view of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This 124.7 feet statue took nine years for the workers to complete, and despite its massive size, the Redeemer Christ statue is only 3rd biggest statue of Jesus Christ worldwide. The other two are located in Bolivia and Poland.

A Forth In Holland

The Guardian

A drone captured this beautiful three-hundred-year-old fort located in Holland. It’s no longer used for defense purposes anymore and is now a historical monument. The moat and walls of this fort have been around for a few hundred years.

It’s truly a fantastic creation! The forest next to it also belongs to the museum. Strangely enough, there is a similar fort in South Africa built by the Dutch people around the same time as this one.

Hong Kong

South China Morning Post

A drone took this photo in Hong Kong – a region with the highest amount of skyscrapers worldwide. Despite their beautiful, majestic look, skyscrapers cause a significant problem in Hong Kong’s real estate market.

It has more than seven million residents and is the fourth densely populated area, making it very difficult for the real estate market to meet the demand for additional living space. As a result, Hong Kong now offers tiny apartments at a very high cost.

Feeding The Ducks


Someone took this beautiful shot with a drone over the Ba River, located near the city Toy Hoa in Vietnam. Here we can see a man who is probably a farmer, surrounded by hundreds of beautiful white ducks. Duck farming in Vietnam is very common.

More than 30 million birds are raised every year, providing eggs and meat to the residents of the country. Some farmers choose to seasonally raise their ducks in rice fields, as they help control weeds and insects that would otherwise destroy the crops.

The Boat Cemetery In New York


The busy city of New York has a hidden boat cemetery that not many people are aware of. It’s called Staten Island Boat Cemetery, and it was founded in the 1930s. The place is located off the north shore of the borough.

It used to be a salvage yard, where the boats were dismantled, and their parts were sold, but eventually, the project was abandoned. Now, there are hundreds of ships decomposing there. The Staten Island Boat Cemetery is a popular spot for drone photographers and artists.

The Most Famous Birds’ Nest In The World

Feature Shoot

This photo of the most well-known bird’s nest in the world was taken by a South African photographer’s drone in the Kalahari Desert. The area has around 350,000 square miles across South Africa and Botswana Namibia.

This huge nest can support plenty of weavers at once. The bird’s nests can last as long as 100 years, as the bird species constantly maintain them. Large nests like this one are made of materials such as cotton, twigs, and grass.

Gulliver The Gentle Giant

Daily Express

This slightly creepy photo was taken by a drone from the sky in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s called Gulliver the Gentle Giant, created by a convicted murderer and former gangster Jimmy Boyle.

He built this statue while he was serving his sentence at Barlinnie Prison in Glasgow. In 1976, Gulliver the Gentle Giant became a popular spot for children to play. It was removed from the site in 2011 due to its decomposition.

Dubai Views


The city of Dubai offers some of the most beautiful and majestic city skylines in the world. While previously we could only admire the skyline from an airplane or a helicopter, today we have drones to do the job for us.

Drone pilots know exactly from which angle to get the best view, as we can see in this image. This modern city offers so many breathtaking viewpoints that it’s hard to decide where to use the drone.

Yellow River


Most of us imagine celebrating our 60th birthday having dinner with friends and family, but this guy had a better idea. He wanted to celebrate it by diving off this waterfall called Yellow River. It’s located in China, and many residents chose to go diving at this beautiful location.

One photographer used his drone to capture this birthday boy, who was about to dive into the waterfall. This image really shows us how small and insignificant we are compared to nature.

Volcano Eruption


Drones allow us to take pictures of the areas where it’s too dangerous to enter, like in this photo here. A photographer got a close-up shot of the volcano eruption in Iceland with his drone.

Had he not have a drone, we wouldn’t be looking at this beautiful natural phenomenon right now, as being near a volcano eruption is too hazardous. Anyone trying to get a shot like this on foot is risking his life.

Not A Good Day

Editor Choice

Someone’s bad day can make a photographer’s day, just like in this image. The truck driver probably had one of the worst days in his life when he realized that his load was spilled across the whole road, but we can’t say the same about the person who took this drone photo.

Look at the contrast in this image!! Some people are rushing to get to their destination, while others are helplessly stuck on the side of the road. It demonstrates how isolated and helpless we might feel, even when surrounded by so many people.

So Much Privacy


If you’re tired of having flatmates and neighbors and just want to be left alone, then this private residence might be your perfect choice. What can be better than having a cozy house that floats on the surface of the ocean?

Whoever built this place clearly wanted to get away from everyone as far away as possible. There’s not much known about this house and its owner, but people say it’s located in the Atlantic Ocean between New York and Canada.

Beautiful Colors

Anders Via Pocket-Lint Com

There’s not much known about this shot besides that the photographer’s name is Anders and that he loves taking beautiful pictures like this one. He captured a patchwork of contrasting colors between a river and fields by using his drone and look how beautiful it is!

Before drones were invented, people would have to spend hundreds of dollars on hiring a private helicopter for capturing a photo from this angle. Now, all we have to do is learn how to use a drone.

Delta River In Iceland


Here we’re looking at the beautiful Delta River in Iceland. This drone photo was taken 1500 feet up, featuring the frozen landscapes of the mountains in Iceland. One might mistake this image for a beautiful painting created by a gifted individual, while in reality, this is all nature’s work.

The ice curves and swirls look so magical! This drone photo is actually part of a series called “Elemental,” which features all the wonderful and unusual sighs nature creates for us.

Central Park During Winter

Bryan Dumas

Bryan Dumas’s drone took this beautiful photograph of winter in New York City’s Central Park. Even the most modern wealthiest cities can be affected by nature’s footprint.

If you’ve ever lived or visited New York before, then you know how busy and stressful the city life is there. People visit Central Park to escape from reality for a little bit and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hurricane Harvey

NBC News

While most photographers capture beautiful natural wonders,  others go for less pleasant but equally as beautiful sights. This photographer captured the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey across Louisiana and Texas.

More than 30,000 people lost their homes because of this catastrophe, ranking it with Hurricane Katrina as one of the most significant natural disasters in the history of the United States with a massive bill of 125 billion dollars.

Documentary Film

The West Australian

This drone shot is part of a documentary film by Forrest Galante and Mark Romanov about the relationship between humans and sharks. This image was captured in the Southern Californian coast, in which we can see two young women called Kelly and Jessica having fun in the water.

They aren’t aware that a giant shark is swimming right under them, waiting for the right moment to announce itself.

The Tubbs Fire


October 2017 was one of the worst months for Californians, as that’s when the Tubbs Fire began. Even though the state is used to having fires almost every year, the Tubbs Fire was more severe than the others.

It damaged a huge area, killed at least 22 people, and accumulated billions of dollars worth of damage. The fire destroyed more than 5600 buildings, leaving many people homeless. Even the Hollywood millionaires lost their homes and had to hunt for simple, one-story homes.

Mir Mine

Eso ha vuelto

An unknown photographer captured this image of a Mir mine located in the Siberian tundra with his drone. Mir mine was the first developed diamond mine of the Soviet Union and is the biggest hole ever excavated.

In 1955, a team of Soviet geologists discovered the diamonds for the first time. The Chief Geologist Yuri Khabardin received the Lenin Prize for this amazing discovery. Each year, 10,000,000,000 carats of diamonds were mined at this location.

Boeing 727


Fortunately, this image isn’t a result of a tragic airplane crash. A guy named Bruce Campbell bought this Boeing 727 plane for $100,000 and took it to his land in Oregon. Now, he lives inside this plane in a beautiful forest isolated from everything and everyone.

This is a perfect home for those looking to get away from city life and admire the wonders of nature. If you look closer, you can notice the heart-shaped area in the middle of the forest.

Morrison’s Quarry

From Where I Drone

This sunken plane is located in Morrison’s Quarry in Chelsea, Quebec, about 25 minutes away from Ottawa. Many people consider this destination to be a tropical getaway due to its crystal clear blue waters and plenty of sunshine, at least during the summer.

The area is ideal for swimming, bungee jumping, and scuba diving. Many Canadians travel here for a vacation or a short weekend trip. The sunken plane makes this location even more unique and mystical.

Perfect Timing

Catch of the Day

This drone shot was taken in Panama City Beach, Florida. A fisherman caught a hammerhead shark and was struggling to pull it up. He did succeed at bringing the shark out of the water, but in the end, he released it back into the ocean while dozens of people were watching him from the shore.

While hammerhead sharks are considered harmless to humans, they can potentially be dangerous. In fact, there have been a few incidents before, so it’s better not to mess with them.

Mont Saint-Michel


This shot of Mont Saint-Michel was taken as a part of the travel photography competition called “Dronestagramme.” Located in Normandy, Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most well-known sites in the country and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More than three million people visit this town every year. This island is defensible to potential invaders during the high tide, and during the low tide, it remains accessible for those who travel to visit the abbey.

Abandoned Six Flags Theme Park

History A2Z

This abandoned Six Flags theme park is situated in New Orleans. It has been closed since August 2005, after Hurricane Katrina hit the area. This shot was captured by a drone fourteen days after the hurricane passed, hence why the site is flooded.

This area is still abandoned to this day, and there haven’t been any recent redevelopment announcements. The New Orleans police are looking after the park 24/7, as many visitors have tried breaking into the park before.

The Mercury Tower

Alexey Goncharov

A 36-year-old physicist Alexey Goncharov from Moscow, Russia, captured this beautiful image of the Mercury Tower one morning on his way to work. Even though he frequently takes drone photos, he admitted this shot being his favorite, and we totally agree with him!

One morning, when the sun was just coming out, Alexey decided to search for a nice reflection in the tower’s mirror windows, and he succeeded. His drone captured the moment when the industrial climbers were reaching the top.  He said, “I liked the way their work looked from that perspective. They seemed to wash the city itself, not just the building’s windows.”

Two Cows

Luke Bell

Videographer and photographer from Cape Town, Luke Bell, captured this stunning image of two cows by the water on a cold early morning at a farm near Stellenbosch.

“Two cows drinking from a nearby dam caught my eye when I saw their long shadows,” he said. “I launched my drone to capture the scene in a way impossible with any other type of camera.” The shadows coming from the two cows make the image even more unique.



This simple yet beautiful image was captured by a photographer on a DJI Mavic Pro, featuring an ancient courtyard in Shanghai, China, with a dancer in the center of it.

“Shanghai’s only nearly 190-year-old courtyard house with northern features is rarely seen in the south, where dancers dance not only skirts but also old Shanghai memories”, the photographer commented. Just look at these colors! It’s hard to stop admiring this captivating shot.

Early Morning

Drone Hikers Skypixel

A professional drone photographer decided to fly his drone in the early morning hours in Newfoundland, Canada. He captured a fishing boat, surrounded by tons of seagulls from every side.

“One of my favorite shots. An early morning in Newfoundland, I was hiking on the East Coast Trail when I heard a bunch of seagulls. I quickly launched my drone to find out what was causing the mayhem. It was a small cod fishing boat steaming towards the harbor, a truly magical moment,” he explained.

The Inle Lake

Zay Yar Lin/Skypixel

This is another beautiful shot taken with a drone. Here, we have a fisherman traveling on his boat in Inle Lake. Not only is he using one leg to row his boat, but also catching fish at the same time.

“An Intha fisherman sets up his net to fish as he paddles his boat with a unique leg-rowing technique in Mayanmar’s Inle Lake,” the photographer explained. Not many fishermen can row a boat using one leg. This guy is gifted.

Anchang Ancient Town


Zeng Xinmin, who took this photo, commented: “Anchang Ancient Town is one of the four famous ancient towns in Shaoxing. Zhejiang Province is the first batch of published historical and cultural towns.

It was built in the Northern Song Dynasty, after the war, repeatedly burned, and rebuilt in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The architectural style inherits the typical characteristics of Jiangnan Water Village, simple and elegant.